How to Read Novel Bought By The Ruthless Alpha Full Episode

Bridget Smith lives in a pack where her father is Alpha and her mother Luna but she is no different from a slave. She works her bones all day and is constantly harassed sexually by her brother Shawn and another wolf in the pack. There are constant threats to sell her off to an evil […]

How to Read Novel Divorce By Agreement Full Episode

In the grand tapestry of human relationships, the journey from inception to dissolution often follows a path both familiar and unpredictable, a path where words become the instruments that strum the chords of love and, ultimately, those that cut the ties of affection. At the threshold of this intricate dance, at the inception of a […]

How to Read Novel His Alpha Queen Full Episode

Kataleya Frost had grown up in a world where the existence of Alpha Females was a mere legend, a myth whispered among the members of her pack. She knew the stories well, tales of powerful women who defied the traditional roles in their wolf packs and led with strength and grace. But her own life […]

How to Read Novel My Little Mate Full Episode

In the small, remote town of Silvercrest, nestled deep within the dense forests, lay the formidable Red Moon Pack. Its Alpha, Cole, was the epitome of strength and power, and he held a status that commanded respect and fear. But for all his might and glory, there was an emptiness in his life that had […]

How to Read Novel Lycan Princess Fated Luna Full Episode

Soma had left her past behind, determined to make a fresh start in the bustling city. Her dream was to open a tea shop, a sanctuary of serenity amidst the chaos of urban life, and she named it the Pleasure Moon Tea Shop. Little did she know that the city held more than just the […]

How to Read Novel Fated To The Lycan Full Episode

Ashlyn Ambrosia had always been a misfit among her kind. A weak hybrid vampire, she defied the expectations of her lineage. Unlike her bloodthirsty vampire relatives who thrived on the crimson elixir of life, Ashlyn found herself unable to draw blood from a living soul. Her incapability to kill and her aversion to harming others […]

How to Read Novel The Alpha Billionaire Game Full Episode

It’s a well-known fact that Murphy Brown isn’t just wealthy; he’s a man who thrives on the pursuit of the extraordinary, even when it comes to the risqué world of billionaire sex games. He holds the secrets to a world that most can only imagine, and he’s determined to play these games on his own […]

How to Read Novel The Daddy Deal Full Episode

Crystal had been working as a stripper for what felt like an eternity. The dimly lit, smoky strip club had become her second home, a place where the stage lights, glittering outfits, and eager patrons offered a temporary escape from her mundane reality. But deep down, she was sick of it all. The lecherous stares, […]

How to Read Novel Our Dirty Little Secret Full Episode

Ivy had always been a spontaneous person, but agreeing to marry someone she had never met was a whole new level of impulsivity. She had been living with her roommate, Maria, for a few months, and the two had become close friends. One evening, Maria rushed into their shared apartment, tears streaming down her face. […]

How to Read Novel Chasing The Fierce Heiress Full Episode

Hazel’s life had taken a tumultuous turn, a rollercoaster of emotions and deception. As she stood there, feeling a stranger’s lips on hers, warm tears began to trickle down her cheeks, soaking the fabric over her eyes. The man, who had just kissed her, panicked at the sight of her tears. He didn’t want to […]