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How to Read Novel Little Mushroom Full Episode

Little Mushroom – “Until the day humanity falls.” In the year 2020, Earth’s magnetic poles disappeared and humankind was nearly wiped out by cosmic radiation. Within the span of a hundred years, living creatures began to mutate and devour each other while the remaining humans, numbering in the tens of thousands, struggled bitterly in their […]

How to Read Novel Mated To A Hybrid  Full Episode

Alpha Brian, a formidable and intelligent leader, was destined to be the strongest Alpha his pack had ever known. Blessed with wealth and striking handsomeness, he was the envy of many, but he faced a constant threat from enemies within his own ranks who sought to see his downfall. His journey to becoming the Alpha […]

How to Read Novel Return of The Nerd Full Episode

Adrianna Rodriguez had been through the worst year of her life. The humiliation of finding her boyfriend cheating on her at school had shattered her heart and left her emotionally scarred. In the aftermath of that painful discovery, she had made a life-altering decision to leave her home and everything behind for a fresh start. […]

How to Read Novel A Will Eternal Full Episode

“A Will Eternal” is a popular Chinese web novel written by Er Gen (also known as Er Gen). It falls under the genres of Xianxia and Wuxia, which are sub-genres of Chinese fantasy literature. The story revolves around the main character, Bai Xiaochun, and his quest for immortality and eternal life. Bai Xiaochun is portrayed […]

How to Read Novel Billionaire Quadruplet Alphas Full Episode

The Viper Moon Wolf Pack is known for two having venomous bites in their wolf forms, and having tons of cold hard cash in their human forms. Hannah Star is one of the only scholarship students at Viper Moon Academy, an exclusive werewolf boarding school for the pack’s teen heirs and heiresses. None of the […]

How to Read Novel Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough Full Episode

Xuan Hao found himself in a rather peculiar and unexpected situation, transmigrating into the role of an elder within the Flying Sword Sect, complete with Nascent Soul Realm cultivation and a system that rewarded his own growth based on his disciples’ progress. However, the demands of the system seemed to be becoming increasingly challenging and […]

How to Read Novel Alpha’s Hated Mate Full Episode

Camilla’s heart ached as she listened to Adrian’s harsh words. The man she loved, her mate, was lashing out at her with a hatred she couldn’t comprehend. She knew there was more to his anger, but it still cut deep. Santiago, their mutual friend and confidant, remained silent, torn between the two. Tears streamed down […]

How to Read Novel The Alpha King’s Ugly Bride Full Episode

Take off your clothes, I want to see the body I’d be living with for the rest of my life,” he commands, moving to the other side of the room where the red armchair was. She hesitated, and that displeased him. He growled, clearly infuriated. “Do you need some kind of motivation? Because you will […]

How to Read Novel The Marvelous Elijah’s Return Full Episode

…a reflection of his own pain and turmoil. The girl’s name was Emily, and she had a presence that was both mysterious and captivating. Her eyes held a depth that seemed to understand the darkness within Elijah’s heart, the same darkness that had pushed him toward thoughts of revenge. As Elijah and Emily got to […]

How to Read Novel My CEO Daddy Full Episode

The story you’ve provided contains elements of drama and intrigue, and it seems to be heading in a direction where the paths of Nicole and Kerr are about to cross in unexpected ways. Here are a few potential directions the story could take: Nicole’s Regret and Redemption: Nicole could feel immense guilt and regret for […]