Contemporary Romance

How to Read Novel Her Possesive Alpha Full Episode

“You belong with me, Ava! You are mine! And I will be damned before I let anyone else have you!” He growled with boiling rage. The moonlight pack, steeped in tradition, had always upheld a sacred practice – the selection of the perfect Luna to stand by their Alpha and create a harmonious union. This […]

How to Read Novel Feigned To Real Full Episode

Maurvi was known for her beauty, intelligence, bubbly personality, and an innate innocence that endeared her to everyone she met. She was the kind of friend that anyone would wish for – caring, selfless, and always looking out for the people she loved. Her latest concern was her close friend, Riya, who was getting too […]

How to Read Novel Secretary Riding The CEO Full Episode

In the small town of Meadowbrook, the winds of gossip swirled relentlessly, weaving intricate tales and destroying lives in their wake. Sarah found herself at the center of one such whirlwind, her life forever altered by the cruel whispers of townsfolk who reveled in creating misery. Her story is a testament to the destructive power […]

How to Read Novel CEO’s Ex-wife Stunned the World Full Episode

Four years ago, Julianna Reece was framed by her stepmother. Her reputation was ruined, and she was kicked out by her husband, becoming a laughing stock in the eyes of all. Four years later, she returned with her three kids for revenge! Julianna fought over the family property, confronted the angelic bitches, fought against the […]

How to Read Novel Divorce Is The Best Choice Full Episode

Jason’s reaction to Sarah’s request for a share of the money they made during their two years of marriage seems to indicate that he wasn’t prepared for such a condition. It’s possible that he agreed to the previous requests, like giving up his supercar and the suburban villa, because they were tangible assets, but splitting […]

How to Read Novel The Billionaire’s Crazy Househelp Full Episode

Kimberly Johnson having used six years in college graduated with very poor grades. This made it hard for her to secure a job. As months passed, with Kimberly still out searching for a job, she met with Landon Hernandez. Landon Hernandez was known as one of the billionaires in the United States of America. Kimberly […]

How to Read Novel Maid To Be His Wife Full Episode

Chelsea Leigh Garcia was never one to shy away from adventure, but she never imagined that her boldness would lead to a life-changing proposal. One fateful night, after indulging in a few too many cocktails at a well-known club, Chelsea found herself on the brink of an audacious decision—approaching a man with a marriage proposal […]