How to Read Novel My Stepsister is My Ex Full Episode

A certain boy and girl in middle school became a couple, flirted with each other, disagreed on trivial things, became more frequently irritated with each other… and eventually broke up upon graduation. Now in highschool, the two of them, Irido Mizuto and Ayai Yume, wound up meeting each other in the most unexpected fashion. The […]

How to Read Novel Infinite Mage Full Episode

This is the tale of a boy dreaming about infinity as a human! Found abandoned in a stable, Shirone is the son of a hunter—and a peasant through and though. Despite hardships, he’s a genius that manages to learn to read by himself and becomes obsessed with it. Brimming with genius talent, he goes to […]

How to Read Novel Murim Login Full Episode

I lived as an F rank hunter and thought I would die as one. “How is it? Is it usable?” ”From where did you pick up this tr*sh?” I found an antique game capsule in front of the garbage at my house. – [Jin Taekyung] has been registered. – Will you connect to [Murim]? In […]

How to Read Novel The Rejected Mate Full Episode

Serenity Martins had always been known for her shyness, kindness, and quiet demeanor. She was the type of person who preferred to blend into the background, going unnoticed by most. Her existence was like a whisper in the wind, almost invisible to those around her. Her world was simple, and she was content living in […]

How to Read Novel Toxic Marriage Full Episode

Christian Elvis and Sophie Skye’s love story was a complex web of emotions, desires, and promises, shrouded in the veil of ignorance. It was a tale of two souls bound by an unbreakable connection, though only one of them truly understood its depth. From the moment Sophie came into this world, Christian knew she was […]

How to Read Novel Falling For My Mysterious Wife Full Episode

Elaina Gainsford had been a married woman for two years, yet the only chances she got to see her husband were the times when he was on TV. Therefore, she divorced him later. To her surprise, the day after the divorce, he frequently came into her sight. He first asked her to help his girlfriend, […]

How to Read Novel The King’s Mate Full Episode

In a world where the moon’s ominous glow dictated the fate of humanity, the werewolves had reigned unchallenged for a decade. Their dominance had pushed the human race to the brink of extinction. The survivors were either reduced to the life of slaves or forced to toil as workers under the tyrannical rule of their […]

How to Read Novel I Adopted A Villainous Dad Full Episode

I Adopted A Villainous Dad – The heroine entered a novel as the saintess that walked a th**ny path. However, she did not desire the bleak road, instead opting to walk on a flowery path by abandoning the frustrating original timeline and adopting a father. “You, be my daddy!” Turns out he’s the final boss […]