How to Read Novel Wu Dong Qian Kun Full Episode

The Great Yan Empire exists in a world where respect can only be earned through strength. Within this Great Yan Empire, the four great clans have always stood above the rest. Among them, a particular incident in the Lin Clan resulted in the banishment of a certain individual who went on to start his own […]

How to Read Novel War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens Full Episode

It seems like you’re describing the plot of a fictional story or novel in the wuxia or xianxia genres, which are popular in Chinese literature. These genres often feature protagonists who possess incredible martial arts skills, master various crafts, and become invincible warriors. The story you’ve outlined follows a common theme in these genres, where […]

How to Read Novel Broken-Winged Angel Full Episode

Shi Qing Xia is practically an angel. Kind, sweet-hearted, and good at her studies, she was admitted to the top university in Taipei. However, the living expenses for the metropolitan city were far greater than she had ever imagined, so she started to work as a private tutor for wealthy families to make ends meet. […]

How to Read Novel The Overlord of Blood and Iron Full Episode

The character you’re describing, Kang Chul-In, and the storyline you’ve mentioned seem to be from a work of fiction, likely a novel or web novel, though I don’t have specific information about it in my training data up to September 2021. It appears to be a plotline within a fantasy or science fiction context, where […]

How to Read Novel The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy Full Episode

It sounds like you’re in quite a unique and challenging situation within the story “The Demon King is Dead.” Being thrust into the role of the Demon Prince with the Demon King’s sudden demise in the prologue can certainly present some interesting narrative opportunities and challenges. Here are some ways you can navigate this situation […]

How to Read Novel Versatile Mage Full Episode

Mo Fan had always been an average student in his previous life, struggling to make ends meet in a world dominated by advanced science and technology. But now, in this strange new world, his life had taken an unexpected turn. As he stood before the mystical school, he couldn’t help but feel a mixture of […]

How to Read Novel Regressor Instruction Manual Full Episode

One day, I was summoned to this world. Beasts poured out, and an incredible crisis came. My talents couldn’t have been worse. [The player’s talent level is at rock bottom.] [Almost all the numbers are hopeless.]Whether you have to become a warrior or a wizard. Whether you’ve gone back in time. You have to take […]

How to Read Novel Damn Reincarnation Full Episode

Hamel, a warrior who traveled with his colleagues to exterminate the devil. Yet, he died just before the battle with the devil started. “Yes.” What the hell? He was reborn as the descendant of his fellow warrior, Vermouth. The descendant from the bloodline of the great Vermouth, Hamel. No, he was now Eugene Lionhart. “It […]

How to Read Novel Stop, Friendly Fire! Full Episode

It sounds like you’re describing a fantasy story or setting where a powerful spell has turned an empire into a land of the undead, and various heroes from different worlds have been summoned to help cleanse and restore the land. Lee Shin Woo, an ordinary person from Earth, has been summoned, but as an undead […]