How To Read Goodbye, My Wretched Love Full Episode

Claire found herself jolted into consciousness, her body throbbing with excruciating pain, as she gradually regained awareness in the sterile environment of a hospital room. Her expectations were shattered as she hoped for the comforting presence of her husband, whom she had been married to for three years. Instead, to her disbelief, she witnessed Darren confidently striding into the adjacent ward, devotedly tending to another woman’s needs. The shock of this unexpected betrayal was only exacerbated when he callously threatened Claire with incarceration, all in defense of this mysterious woman.

“You thought that a mere five hundred million as compensation would suffice? Well, now I’m trading it in for a resounding slap across her face,” Claire uttered icily, her gaze piercing Darren’s facade. “It’s time for us to sever our ties and seek a divorce.”

In that pivotal moment, Claire’s heart was overcome with remorse for having invested three invaluable years in an arduous pursuit of Darren’s love. It became unmistakably clear that it was high time to put an end to the turmoil and bring closure to their fractured relationship.


Novel Details :Goodbye, My Wretched Love

TitleGoodbye, My Wretched Love
AuthorGlad Rarus
PublisherMobo Reader
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How To Read Goodbye, My Wretched Love Full Episode

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