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Zander Blackwood Two years in Alpha training and my old man expects me to go back to high school and finish my final year. Honestly, I think it’s just stupid. I don’t need to go back! I finished my studies while I was in training, Hell, I’ve been looking into university degrees. Still, here I am Monday morning, going to the one school I really didn’t want to. Does he not realize that Oliver Steward and his little buddies are here? Does he expect me to play nice after all these years of hate between our packs? This peace deal we have signed while on neutral grounds is complete BS and I’m expected to roll over and play nice. ~ Ashleigh Steward 18, the age we can find our mate, the age that will determine if I stay in my current pack in my current position as Beta to Ollie or If I change packs because of my mate. If he is a higher rank than I, which will be Alpha then I will have to move to his pack. I have spent my entire life preparing to be next to Ollie when he takes over as Alpha. Doing training, making sure my marks are exceptional so I can be accepted into any university. Building relationships between all the different packs and pack members. The one thing I was not expecting Zander Blackwood.
Book 1 – Alpha Zander (Completed)
Book 2 – Alpha Oliver (Ongoing) Please follow my social account for updates and announcements.

It sounds like you’re describing a plot or storyline from a book series you’ve written or are interested in. This story seems to revolve around a young person named Ashleigh Steward, who is part of a wolf pack and is undergoing Alpha training. Ashleigh is dealing with the pressure of being a Beta to Oliver Steward, as well as the complexities of an arranged peace deal between their pack and another pack led by Zander Blackwood. The story also hints at the potential for a romantic subplot as Ashleigh approaches the age of 18 when she might find her mate.

Novel Details : Alpha Zander

TittleAlpha Zander
GenreDrama, Humor, Werewolf
Rating 5./54.6

How to Read Novel Alpha Zander Full Episode

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