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Qi Yue, sick of the unceasing upheaval within the complicated web of Jiang Hu disputes, sought consolation in the calm embrace of an enchanted “ancient water village.” Little did he realize that within the quiet boundaries of this lovely sanctuary, fate had a profound encounter in store, one that would kindle the flames of a love destined to burn for eternity.

In this ideal situation, Qi Yue found a wonderful individual who ignited feelings within him like never before. This guy exhibited a magnetic charm that surpassed the tranquil beauty of the water town, captivating Qi Yue’s heart and soul. Their connection was immediate, a strong resonance that seemed to vibrate through the very fabric of their beings.


Within the scope of their blossoming love story, two separate identities emerged: the Gentle Black-Bellied Gong and the Beautiful and Obedient Shou. Their dynamic was a captivating blend of contrasts, a ballet of complementing attributes that contributed depth and complexity to their partnership.


The Gentle Black-Bellied Gong, while projecting an image of calm and sophistication, concealed a depth of strength and determination behind the surface. Their love was powerful, a protecting force that guarded their precious Shou from the harshness of the world. In their embrace, Qi Yue found not only unshakable support but also a source of unyielding passion that lit the depths of his heart.


On the other side, the Beautiful and Obedient Shou symbolized grace and elegance. Their charm and vulnerability drew Qi Yue in, producing a great yearning to adore and protect them. Yet, beneath their meek demeanor lied a wellspring of inner power and tenacity that served as the cornerstone of their love. It was a love that bloomed in the shelter of the Gong’s care, growing into a couple that defied society norms.


Together, they negotiated the complexities of life in their quiet hideaway, finding delight in each other’s presence and strength in their relationship. Their love tale was a tribute to the transformational power of love, where the Gentle Black-Bellied Gong and the Beautiful and Obedient Shou learned that in the heart of tranquillity, they had found the most profound and enduring adventure of all—a love to last a lifetime.

Novel Details : Back to the Countryside

TitleBack to the Countryside
GenreRomance, Slice of Life, Yaoi
Rating 5./54.5

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