How to Read Novel Bullied Full Episode

“you know, most girls beg for this” he yanks me by the waist to meet his excited member.

“and here I am giving you for free” he unbuckles his belt then goes for my underwear, ripping it at his grasp.

“Hunter p-please” please. someone, something… just… please.

He gave a breathy laugh that sounded like I just cracked the world’s lamest joke.

“haven’t you learnt that begging gets you no where?” he growled and the intensity made me shrivel.

Satisfied with the reaction gotten from me, he smiled to himself then positioned at my entrance.

With one last pleading look from my eyes, I tried to beg silently, but the windows to his soul seemed clouded with the fog of desire.

All it took was a few seconds and I felt him slam hard into me, without caring about the barrier of pain I would face.


Iris Shawn was a girl who’s seen a side of life she’ll never forget. Being a victim of a bully.

A typical example of a broken girl with a broken heart, she tries to pick herself up again.

But then, he made sure to tear down every wall of courage she’d manage to build.

Hunter McConnell. The schools very own bad but golden boy. The one who’s family owns the most of Saint Alamos.

Her bully.

Iris was about to give up, but then she didn’t. Instead she thrived.

He broke her but she survived.

Novel Details : Bullied

Rating 5./53.8

How to Read Novel Bullied Full Episode

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