How to Read Novel Carefree Path of Dreams Full Episode

In a quiet, remote corner of the world, nestled high in the misty mountains, there lived a boy named Eli. He was known by the locals as the “Mountain Dreamer” because his life seemed like a dream to them.

Eli’s days were simple and tranquil. He tended to his farm, where he grew a variety of crops that flourished in the high-altitude soil. He took great care of his animals, including a small herd of goats that provided him with milk, and his pride and joy: a school of fish that he reared in a pristine, natural pond that he had carved out of the mountain rock. This pond, fed by clear, cold mountain springs, was a hidden gem, teeming with life and beauty.

Eli had a special connection with the fish in his pond. He believed that they held ancient secrets and wisdom, and he would spend hours sitting by the water’s edge, listening to the gentle gurgling of the stream and watching the fish glide through the crystal-clear water. He often spoke to them, sharing his dreams and hopes for the future.

One day, while feeding his fish, Eli had a strange and vivid dream. In the dream, he found himself in a world unlike any he had ever known. It was a place of fantastical landscapes, towering castles, and mythical creatures. In this dream, he was a powerful figure, a big boss who commanded armies and controlled vast domains.

As he awoke from this dream, Eli couldn’t help but wonder if he had somehow transcended his secluded mountain life and become the master of an entirely different realm. He gazed at his fish, contemplating the mysteries of the dream world he had visited.

For Eli, the boundaries between reality and dreams were often blurred. He cherished his isolated life in the mountains, where he found solace in nature and the simple routines of farm work. But the dream had awakened a sense of curiosity and adventure within him.

He decided to continue nurturing his mountain life, tending to his farm, rearing his fish, and having dreams. The dream world, with its vast possibilities, served as a reminder that the boundaries of one’s existence were limited only by imagination. Whether he was truly a big boss in another world or still nestled in the mountains, Eli knew that he was the master of his own dreams, and that was a power no one could take away from him.

Novel Details : Carefree Path of Dreams

TittleCarefree Path of Dreams
The Plagiarist
Wen Chao Gong
GenreAction Adventure Horror Mystery Supernatural Xuanhuan
Rating 5./53.7

How to Read Novel Carefree Path of Dreams Full Episode

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