How to Read Novel Chasing The Fierce Heiress Full Episode

Hazel’s life had taken a tumultuous turn, a rollercoaster of emotions and deception. As she stood there, feeling a stranger’s lips on hers, warm tears began to trickle down her cheeks, soaking the fabric over her eyes. The man, who had just kissed her, panicked at the sight of her tears. He didn’t want to be the cause of her sadness, but Hazel couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by her emotions.

Amid her sobs, she tried to stifle her voice and whispered, “Don’t talk.”

Confused, the man asked, “Why?”

Gently biting her lip, Hazel finally managed to speak through her choked voice, “When you talk, you sound so much like him…”

This gentle stranger had a voice so similar to Joshua, the man she had been deceived by, and who had ultimately disappeared from her life. The realization of how much she missed Joshua hit her like a ton of bricks. She longed for his presence, his warmth, and his embrace. Every day she had spent waiting for him had been a painful journey, yet she was willing to endure it as long as it took. What truly terrified her was the possibility that she might never see him again, even if she waited for the rest of her life.

The man who had kissed her was now acutely aware of her feelings. He cradled her gently and whispered, “Darling, don’t cry. I won’t touch you anymore, okay?”

Hazel continued to cry, her tears flowing more violently, as her heart ached with longing and sorrow. She couldn’t bear to lose the man she loved, and the prospect of having someone who resembled him so closely only intensified her despair.

Time had played a cruel game with Hazel’s heart. She had been drawn into this web of deception and manipulation by a ruthless billionaire who had used surrogacy as a way to bind her to him. She had been forced to play along with his schemes, ultimately becoming his wife. However, as she had discovered, her husband Joshua had his dark secrets, secrets that threatened to engulf and destroy them both. Then, he had disappeared from her life, leaving her alone and broken.

As Hazel wept in the arms of this stranger, she couldn’t help but wonder whether she would ever uncover the truth behind this mysterious person. Would she be capable of forgiveness if she learned the extent of his involvement in the twisted game of love and revenge? The uncertainty of her future weighed heavily on her heart, but her love for Joshua, the man she had lost, remained unwavering.

Hazel’s journey had been one of love, deceit, and heartache, and the answers she sought lay hidden beneath the layers of a complex and painful narrative. Only time would reveal whether she would ever find the closure and happiness she so desperately craved.


Novel Details : 

TittleChasing The Fierce Heiress
Anna ShanneLin
GenreAdult, Billionaire, Romance
Rating 5./54.4

How to Read Novel Chasing The Fierce Heiress Full Episode

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