How to Read Novel Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough Full Episode

Xuan Hao found himself in a rather peculiar and unexpected situation, transmigrating into the role of an elder within the Flying Sword Sect, complete with Nascent Soul Realm cultivation and a system that rewarded his own growth based on his disciples’ progress. However, the demands of the system seemed to be becoming increasingly challenging and even troublesome.

Xuan Hao had already achieved a significant feat by helping four of his disciples reach the Dao Immortal Realm, a remarkable accomplishment in the world of cultivation. Yet, his reward was an increase of just one major realm in his own cultivation. This left him feeling slightly exasperated, wondering if it was worth all the effort and potential chaos.

The issue of obedience from his disciples was also an unexpected challenge. Perhaps he had initially imagined that guiding them towards Immortality would lead to their unwavering loyalty, but it seemed that they had developed their own will and ambitions along the way.

Adding to the confusion, the sect’s recent developments, like disciples addressing him as “great ancestor,” were particularly puzzling. It seemed the dynamics within the sect had shifted, and Xuan Hao, who was initially an elder, now appeared to hold a position even above the old Sect Master.

With all these unexpected twists and turns, Xuan Hao found himself at a crossroads. He needed to decide whether to continue striving for even greater power and rewards, despite the growing challenges and complexities, or perhaps reconsider his path and the role he had unwittingly assumed within the Flying Sword Sect.


Novel Details : Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough

TittleCultivating Disciples to Breakthrough
GenreFantasy, Action, Adventure, Eastern
Rating 5./54.1

How to Read Novel Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough Full Episode

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