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“State your business so I can leave soon,” Talia said with an air of impatience, her arms crossed against her chest. The moon princess had always been known for her no-nonsense attitude.

“Really? Is that how you greet the person you haven’t seen in a while?” Lukas, a reckless son of Helios, quipped, his grin as radiant as the sun itself.

Talia didn’t bother with pleasantries. “I don’t bother to greet that person at all. Consider yourself lucky.”

Lukas raised an eyebrow, intrigued by her curt demeanor. “I didn’t know the moon princess could contain that much spite.”

Talia sighed, her irritation momentarily giving way to a hint of vulnerability. She lowered herself onto the ground, the height difference between them now much more apparent. “What can I say?” She looked up at Lukas, her silvery eyes shimmering with secrets. “You… inspire me.”

“Inspire me?” Lukas echoed, genuinely surprised. He had always seen Talia as a distant, unattainable figure, and her confession took him off guard.

“Yes,” Talia replied with a sweet smile, her demeanor softening. “You, with your reckless ways, your unyielding passion for the light. It’s something I’ve always admired.”

Lukas felt a warmth spreading within him, blushing despite the powerful sun god lineage that ran through his veins. “I never knew you felt that way, Talia.”

“Feelings are not something I often share,” she admitted. “But it’s been too long, and perhaps it’s time for a change.”

As the moon princess and the son of Helios rekindled their connection, they couldn’t help but reflect on the tangled web of fate and desire that had always surrounded them.

Talia had always been desired by both Lukas and Ajaxson, the son of Ajax, who was head over heels in love with her. It was a complex love triangle woven with threads of destiny. Their story was not merely a tale of celestial beings, but one infused with the meddling of Greek gods and goddesses.

The presence of Hera, the queen of the gods, loomed large in their lives. She had made it nearly impossible for Talia to find happiness with Lukas. The goddess’s jealousy and determination to shape the fates of mortals and immortals alike added an extra layer of complexity to their already intricate relationships.

It became clear to Talia that, no matter how deep her feelings for Lukas ran, there were forces beyond their control at play. Hera’s influence was a formidable barrier that stood between her and the happiness she so desperately desired.

As Talia and Lukas continued to reconnect and share their feelings, they also realized that perhaps their love story was not written in the stars. It was a story entangled in the desires of gods and the whims of fate, a story of passion and longing, and the enduring struggle to break free from the chains of destiny.

With a heavy sigh, Talia looked up at the sun, casting a shadow on her radiant face. “Lukas, my love, I fear that the road ahead is fraught with challenges and heartaches. But if our love is strong enough, we may yet defy the gods and carve our own destiny.”

Lukas gazed at her with determination in his eyes, ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead. “Together, we will overcome the obstacles that stand in our way, Talia. Our love is worth it.”

In the shadow of the sun and the light of the moon, the moon princess and the son of Helios forged a new beginning, ready to face the trials and tribulations that their love story held for them.


Novel Details : Demon Kings Queen

TittleDemon Kings Queen
GenreAction, Drama, Fantasy
Rating 5./54.6

How to Read Novel Demon Kings Queen Full Episode

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