How to Read Novel Dragon Poor Full Episode

After being summoned in this other dimension world, all of the people that were summoned had their classes awakened. As someone that doesn’t even know English, Kim Sunhyuk had awakened as the lone Dragon Rider. But wait, there are no dragons?!?! They looked down on him, shunned him for being worse than a regular soldier, and called him a dragon-less rider. But little did they know that he would soar the skies on one above them.

Kim Sunhyuk’s journey began in this unfamiliar world, where the residents had awakened powerful classes and were granted incredible abilities. However, his own class, Dragon Rider, seemed utterly useless in a world where dragons were nowhere to be found. This cruel twist of fate earned him the ridicule and contempt of his fellow summoners. They scorned him as a “dragon-less rider,” belittling his worth as a mere foot soldier.

Yet, hidden beneath the surface of their mockery was a fire burning within Kim Sunhyuk. Determined to prove his worth and fulfill the potential of his unique class, he embarked on a quest of his own. With unwavering determination, he set out to find the mythical creatures that were missing from this world, the very essence of his class.

Kim Sunhyuk’s journey was fraught with challenges, and he faced dangers at every turn. But little did his detractors know, he possessed a steadfast heart and an unyielding spirit. With each trial he overcame, he drew closer to the fabled dragons that had eluded him.

As he ventured deeper into this new dimension world, he encountered ancient prophecies, hidden knowledge, and the assistance of unlikely allies who saw potential in him. Kim Sunhyuk’s destiny was clear; he would not be content merely soaring above his doubters, but he would become a legend, a Dragon Rider, who not only soared the skies but redefined the meaning of his class. In a world where dragons were said to be extinct, he would reawaken them, proving that his title was not a mockery but a harbinger of greatness.

Novel Details : Dragon Poor

TittleDragon Poor
PublisherKorea Telecom
RS Media
GenreAction Adventure Drama Fantasy Supernatural
Rating 5./54.2

How to Read Novel Dragon Poor Full Episode

The novel named Dragon Poor is incredibly exciting to read. You can read this novel through the Goodnovel application which you can get on the google play store by searching for “Dragon Poor” in the search menu for the Goodnovel application or simply open here.

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