How to Read Novel Feigned To Real Full Episode

Maurvi was known for her beauty, intelligence, bubbly personality, and an innate innocence that endeared her to everyone she met. She was the kind of friend that anyone would wish for – caring, selfless, and always looking out for the people she loved. Her latest concern was her close friend, Riya, who was getting too involved with a guy named Gautam.

Gautam was a tall, dark, and handsome doctor. His intelligence, sense of humor, and wit made him an attractive catch, but there was something about him that set off alarms in Maurvi’s mind. Riya’s feelings for Gautam were growing deeper, and Maurvi couldn’t help but feel that he might not be the right guy for her. It was time to intervene, but she needed some help.

One day, as Maurvi contemplated how to approach the situation, she received a call from Gautam. He explained that he was in an awkward situation with his friend Rohit, who had a crush on Riya. Gautam, despite being quite popular among women, didn’t share the same romantic feelings for Riya, which left both him and Maurvi feeling like they were walking on eggshells.

As they talked, they realized that they both needed assistance. Gautam had an idea – they would team up to help each other out of their respective dilemmas. Maurvi would help Gautam navigate the awkward situation with Rohit, and Gautam would assist Maurvi in gently steering Riya away from their blossoming but potentially ill-fated relationship.

Maurvi agreed to Gautam’s plan. She knew that it was essential to act carefully and not hurt her friend’s feelings. They both decided to organize a group outing, inviting Riya, Rohit, and some mutual friends. This would provide the perfect setting to subtly create distance between Riya and Gautam, while also helping Rohit move on.

During the outing, Maurvi observed Gautam’s genuine kindness and concern for her. He wasn’t the heartbreaker she had feared, and the more she got to know him, the more she appreciated his qualities. As they worked together to create a friendly, relaxed atmosphere for Riya and Rohit, they spent more time together and discovered their shared interests and a growing fondness for each other’s company.

The outing was a success. Riya and Rohit had a great time, but it was clear that Riya and Gautam had taken a step back from their budding romance. Gautam had also managed to let Rohit down gently, and they remained friends. With time, Riya’s feelings for Gautam subsided, and she and Rohit began to grow closer.

As for Maurvi and Gautam, their connection deepened, and they found themselves falling for each other for real. What started as a mission to help their friends find happiness eventually led them to discover their own. Maurvi was no longer just the friend trying to protect her loved ones; she had found someone who cared for her and cherished her qualities.

Their journey was a testament to the power of friendship, genuine concern for others, and the unpredictability of love. Maurvi, the kind and perceptive friend, and Gautam, the handsome doctor with a heart of gold, had indeed found something special together, all because they decided to help each other out of an awkward situation and ended up falling in love for real.


Novel Details : Feigned To Real

TittleFeigned To Real
Chhavi Gupta
GenreContemporary Romance
Rating 5./53.7

How to Read Novel Feigned To Real Full Episode

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