How to Read Novel Flower Stealing Master Full Episode

As the protagonist woke up in the body of Song Qingshu, he realized that he had been thrust into a chaotic world that incorporated the 14 novels of Jin Yong, a renowned author of martial arts and wuxia literature. Song Qingshu, in the novels, is a character known for having his meridians destroyed in a martial arts contest and subsequently being banished from his sect. Now, the protagonist faced the challenge of navigating this complex and treacherous world. Here are some potential actions and decisions he might consider:

  1. Assess His Situation: The first step would be for the protagonist to fully understand his new identity and the world he now inhabits. He should gather information about the events, characters, and sects that exist in Jin Yong’s novels.
  2. Embrace Martial Arts Training: Song Qingshu’s meridians were destroyed in a martial arts contest. The protagonist may need to seek out a master or a method to restore his meridians and regain his martial skills.
  3. Interact with Characters: Given that this world incorporates characters from 14 novels, there will be numerous characters with their own stories and motivations. The protagonist should interact with them, build relationships, and determine which characters can be allies or adversaries.
  4. Set Goals: The protagonist should establish clear goals and objectives. Does he want to seek revenge for what happened to Song Qingshu, or does he have a different purpose in this world? His goals will guide his actions.
  5. Navigate Political Intrigue: Jin Yong’s novels often contain intricate political and martial sect rivalries. The protagonist should be cautious and navigate the political landscape, as well as be prepared for potential conflicts.
  6. Learn from the Novels: The protagonist has the advantage of knowing the events and characters from the 14 novels. He can use this knowledge to anticipate events and make informed decisions.
  7. Adapt to the Chaotic World: Since this world is described as chaotic, the protagonist should be prepared for unexpected twists and turns. Flexibility and adaptability will be key to his survival.
  8. Seek Wisdom and Guidance: The protagonist might consider finding a wise mentor or a source of guidance, either among the characters from the novels or elsewhere, to help him navigate the challenges of this world.
  9. Contribute to the World: Whether by upholding justice, restoring honor to his name, or working towards a greater good, the protagonist can make a positive impact on this chaotic world.
  10. Unravel the Mystery: There may be a reason why he was transported into this world, and the protagonist could embark on a quest to uncover the mystery behind his arrival and potentially find a way back to his original world.

Incorporating elements from Jin Yong’s novels, the protagonist’s journey is likely to be filled with martial arts, complex relationships, moral dilemmas, and epic adventures as he seeks to find his place and purpose in this extraordinary and chaotic world.

Novel Details : Flower Stealing Master

TitileFlower Stealing Master
Monk Of The Six Illusions
GenreAdult, Adventure, Drama, Ecchi, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Wuxia
Rating 5./53.7

How to Read Novel Flower Stealing Master Full Episode

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