How to Read Novel Game of Divine Thrones Full Episode

The concept you’ve described seems to be the basis for a unique and intriguing story or narrative. It combines elements of isekai (being summoned to another world), competition, and time travel. Here’s a brief outline of how this story could develop:

  1. Introduction to the World: The story begins by introducing the world where the game is taking place. It’s a realm filled with various races, each vying for the Divine Thrones and the status of a god.
  2. Protagonist – Overlord Chun Woohyuk: We meet the protagonist, Chun Woohyuk, who is known as humanity’s strongest. He might have been a prominent figure in the earlier part of the competition.
  3. Endless Competition: The main conflict is established – the competition has been going on for 40 years, with no end in sight. Other races, including elves, dwarves, or other fantastic creatures, have their own champions and strategies.
  4. Chun Woohyuk’s Decision: Chun Woohyuk decides that the only way to change the course of events and achieve victory is to return to the past. This sets the story in motion and presents the central theme of second chances.
  5. Return to the Past: Chun Woohyuk somehow obtains the ability to travel back in time, possibly with the help of an artifact or a powerful being. This could be due to a divine intervention or a hidden secret he uncovers.
  6. Strategic Planning: With his newfound knowledge of the past and experience from the previous 40 years, Chun Woohyuk begins to strategize. He can change his choices and take a different path to alter the course of events in his favor.
  7. Allies and Rivals: Along the way, he may form alliances with other humans or even some members of different races, each with their own unique abilities and skills. He’ll also have rival champions from various races who will oppose him.
  8. Moral Dilemmas: As Chun Woohyuk seeks the Divine Thrones, he might face moral dilemmas and questions about what it means to be a god. This adds depth to the story as he grapples with the responsibilities of divinity.
  9. Epic Battles and Challenges: The story can include epic battles, trials, and challenges as Chun Woohyuk and his allies fight for the Divine Thrones. These battles can showcase his growth and newfound abilities.
  10. Resolution: Ultimately, the story should address whether Chun Woohyuk’s decision to go back in time was the right one and whether he succeeds in becoming a god. The ending could be open to interpretation or offer a moral lesson about the consequences of one’s choices.

This narrative has the potential for a captivating exploration of themes like redemption, second chances, the consequences of one’s actions, and the pursuit of power. It could also delve into the complexities of morality and the nature of divinity.

Novel Details : Game of Divine Thrones

TittleGame of Divine Thrones
Jang Myeongsu
GenreAction Adventure Fantasy Harem Seinen Supernatural
Rating 5./53.0

How to Read Novel Game of Divine Thrones Full Episode

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