How to Read Novel Hiding The Alpha’s Heir (Completed) Full Episode

Seraphina Beryl, Luna of the Rising Diamond pack and Marchioness of Blackmont, was faced with an unimaginable predicament. The betrayal of her mate, Alpha Desmond, was a deep wound that seemed impossible to heal. With her heart shattered, she made the difficult decision to abandon her responsibilities and marriage.

However, life took an unexpected turn as she discovered that she carried the next heir of the Rising Diamond pack, a constant reminder of the man who had betrayed her. Seraphina knew that she couldn’t raise the pup in an environment tainted by Desmond’s infidelity. So, she devised a plan to protect her child and herself.

First, she sought refuge in a distant territory, far from the watchful eyes of the Rising Diamond pack. She concealed her identity, adopting an alias and living amongst humans. She ensured that her scent and presence remained hidden from any possible trackers that Desmond might send after her. Her former mate’s claim on her would only be effective if he could find her and the pup.

To maintain her secrecy, she reached out to a trusted member of her former pack, a close friend who had also grown disillusioned with Desmond’s behavior. This ally acted as her informant, keeping her updated on the pack’s activities and Desmond’s movements. Seraphina knew that the more information she had, the better she could protect herself and her unborn child.

As time passed, Seraphina faced the challenges of pregnancy alone, with only her loyal friend by her side. She honed her skills, mastering the art of concealing her scent, and even experimented with glamour spells to change her appearance to further evade detection.

However, Seraphina was always aware that Desmond might eventually discover her whereabouts. If that moment came, she had prepared herself for a confrontation. She knew she had to stand her ground and protect her child, no matter the cost. Her friend helped her learn the intricacies of pack law and their rights as Luna, giving her the knowledge to negotiate from a position of strength.

In the event of Desmond finding her, Seraphina had a contingency plan. She had gathered enough evidence of his infidelity to tarnish his reputation and weaken his claim to the pack’s leadership. If necessary, she was prepared to expose his actions and demand a fair separation of their pup.

The birth of her child was a bittersweet moment. She had successfully hidden her pregnancy, but she couldn’t hide the pup forever. Seraphina knew that the day might come when Desmond discovered the existence of their heir. She would face this challenge with unwavering determination, prepared to protect her child and ensure they grew up in a safe and loving environment.

Seraphina’s journey was fraught with difficulties, but her strength and resolve proved unyielding. She was determined to protect her pup from the chaos of a crumbling marriage and, if necessary, stand up against Desmond to secure their child’s future. In her hidden sanctuary, she held onto hope that their Rising Diamond would one day shine brightly, untarnished by the shadow of betrayal.


Novel Details : Hiding The Alpha’s Heir (Completed)

TittleHiding The Alpha’s Heir (Completed)
Mystique Luna
GenreHistorical, Romance
Rating 5./54.2

How to Read Novel Hiding The Alpha’s Heir (Completed) Full Episode

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