How to Read Novel Hiding The Alpha’s Heir Full Episode

Seraphina Beryl had always been known for her strength and determination. As the Luna of the Rising Diamond pack and the Marchioness of Blackmont, she had carried the responsibilities with grace and unwavering dedication. But the moment she discovered her mate, Desmond, the Alpha of the Rising Diamond pack and Marquis of Blackmont, in a compromising situation with a courtesan, her world shattered.

She couldn’t ignore the betrayal, and the fact that Desmond had been kissed by their Beta’s sister only added to the anguish. In that instant, Seraphina realized she could no longer stay with a mate who had so callously disregarded their bond and the sanctity of their marriage.

With a heavy heart, Seraphina made a difficult decision. She would abscond from their pack, abandoning her Luna duties and her marriage to Desmond. Her loyalty to the Rising Diamond pack was strong, but her self-respect and dignity demanded that she sever ties with the mate who had betrayed her so profoundly.

However, fate had one last twist in store for Seraphina. Shortly after leaving the pack, she discovered that she was pregnant with Desmond’s pup. It was a bittersweet revelation. After five years of marriage, she had finally conceived a pup, but the circumstances were far from ideal. Seraphina knew that hiding the next heir of the Rising Diamond pack from Desmond would be a daunting challenge.

She sought refuge with a close friend, a fellow Luna from a neighboring pack, who provided her with shelter and support. Together, they devised a plan to keep the pregnancy a secret. Seraphina’s friend used her connections to ensure that Seraphina’s whereabouts remained hidden, even from the ever-watchful eyes of her mate. Seraphina adopted a different identity, and they took great care to cover their tracks.

As time passed, Seraphina’s pregnancy progressed. She couldn’t deny the excitement and love she felt for the growing life within her. The unborn pup was innocent, a symbol of her and Desmond’s once-great love, and she was determined to protect their child from the turmoil and chaos that had engulfed their lives.

However, she couldn’t help but wonder what would happen when Desmond eventually discovered her secret. Would he come searching for her and their unborn pup? Would he try to reclaim them? Seraphina knew that if that day came, she would have to make a difficult decision. She couldn’t subject her child to a life filled with turmoil, deceit, and a broken family.

If Desmond did find and reclaim her and their pup, Seraphina would need to carefully evaluate the situation. While she had every right to be angry and hurt by his actions, the well-being of their child would be her top priority. She would strive to protect her pup from the drama that had torn her marriage apart.

Ultimately, Seraphina’s strength and determination would be put to the test once again. Her love for her child, and her commitment to the Rising Diamond pack, would guide her choices in the face of an uncertain future. Whether she could escape from Desmond’s grasp once he found them or not, one thing was certain: Seraphina would do whatever it took to ensure the safety and happiness of her unborn heir.


Novel Details : Hiding the Alpha’s Heir

TittleHiding The Alpha’s Heir
Mystique Luna
GenreFantasy, Romance
Rating 5./54.0

How to Read Novel Hiding The Alpha’s Heir Full Episode

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