How To Read Novel His Lost Lycan Luna Full Chapter

In the compelling tale “His Lost Lycan Luna” Ivy’s life unfolds as a succession of trials, anguish, and unyielding suffering, each given to her with a heavy fist by the inexorable hand of fate.

As a rogue, Ivy’s destiny led her to an orphanage, a place she called home for eight long years. The dismal confines of the orphanage, however, afforded little respite, and Ivy’s days were cloaked in the shadow of struggle. Until that one fateful day, when an unexpected sequence of circumstances put a ray of optimism on her gloomy existence.

The Lycan King himself blessed the pack’s community with his presence, and Ivy, along with her close companion Abbie, found themselves tasked with the responsibility of making their small dwelling into a beacon of beauty. With unrestrained zeal, they undertook the assignment, trying to please their headmistress and receive a semblance of approbation.

Despite their intense efforts, Ivy and Abbie fell short of the headmistress’ lofty expectations, and the repercussions were severe. With an iron fist, lashes rained down on their bare backs, inflicting agonizing anguish. Ivy’s body bled uncontrollably, and in that moment, the weight of her life felt awful.

Struggling to bear their excruciating ordeal, Ivy and Abbie grasped onto a ray of hope, wishing for a reprieve from their misery. Their tears became containers of silent prayers, praying for an end to the cruel existence they had lived for so long.

Indeed, life had been an arduous trip for Ivy and her friend. Yet, little did they realize that this fateful encounter with the Lycan King would put the wheels of destiny in motion, propelling them toward a course they could never have foreseen. Their resilience and determination in the face of hardship would propel them into a future where they would uncover their true destinies and the great power that lay dormant inside. As the narrative of Ivy and her missing lycan luna unfolds, readers will be enthralled by the twists and turns of their life, and the unforeseen adventures that await them.

Novel Details : His Lost Lycan Luna

TitleHis Lost Lycan Luna
AuthorJessica Hall
Rating 5./5


How To Read Novel His Lost Lycan Luna By Jessica Hall

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