How to Read Novel I Became a God in a Horror Game Full Episode

Bai Liu’s life took a drastic turn after he lost his job. Instead of succumbing to despair, he found himself drawn into an unusual and horrifying live streaming game, where monsters roamed freely, and other players were driven by deadly intentions. This game was not like anything he had ever experienced before.

At first, the other players believed Bai Liu was just another ordinary person who had stumbled into their nightmarish virtual world. They saw him as just another victim of the game, someone who would eventually meet a gruesome end like so many others. Little did they know that Bai Liu was different.

As time went on, Bai Liu started to adapt and excel in the gruesome, dangerous game. He faced various monsters and players who would stop at nothing to take him down. But Bai Liu didn’t just survive; he thrived in this macabre environment. His strategies, skills, and instincts set him apart from the rest. It soon became clear that Bai Liu was not an ordinary player; he was a force to be reckoned with.

Bai Liu’s impressive achievements in the game did not go unnoticed. The monsters and players who had initially underestimated him began to realize that he was, in fact, a dominant force within the game. He had mastered the art of survival and conquest in this nightmarish realm.

Then, as Bai Liu continued to conquer the game’s challenges and opponents, he received an unexpected accolade. A laurel crown appeared in his inventory, accompanied by a message that simply said, “Welcome home.” This message was a declaration that he had become the god of this brutal game. Bai Liu had not just adapted to the horrors; he had become the horror itself. His dominion over the game was absolute, and he was now a legend among the monstrous and ruthless inhabitants of the virtual world.

Bai Liu’s journey from unemployment to becoming a god in the nightmarish game was a testament to his resilience, adaptability, and unwavering determination. In a world filled with horror and danger, he had found his true calling and a place where he could not only survive but thrive. The game that was once his escape had turned into his kingdom, and he ruled it with an iron fist.

Novel Details : I Became a God in a Horror Game

TittleI Became a God in a Horror Game
Pot Fish Chili
Action Adventure Horror Mature Psychological Sci-fi Shounen Ai Supernatural Tragedy
Rating 5./54.5

How to Read Novel I Became a God in a Horror Game Full Episode

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