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Once upon a time, in a mystical realm known as Drakoria, there existed a legend whispered only in hushed tones by the bravest of souls. It was a legend that spoke of the most fearsome and enigmatic creature to ever grace the skies—the Invisible Dragon. Its existence was shrouded in mystery, and its power was unparalleled. This invisible behemoth was rumored to have the ability to kill everything it encountered, and its very presence sent shivers down the spines of all who heard the tale.

In Drakoria, dragons were revered as the rulers of the skies, each possessing their own unique abilities and dominions. From the fiery breath of the Flame Serpent to the mesmerizing song of the Harmony Dragon, the land was home to a diverse array of these majestic creatures. But the Invisible Dragon was unlike any other, for it moved in silence and struck without warning.

The legend began with an ancient tale passed down through generations. It was said that the Invisible Dragon was not born in Drakoria but hailed from a distant realm known as the Other World—a place untouched by the rules of their land. It was said to have crossed over into Drakoria, driven by insatiable hunger and a thirst for power.

As it appeared, its presence remained elusive, leaving only devastation in its wake. Entire villages vanished without a trace, and even the mightiest of dragons were helpless against the invisible terror. The skies grew darker as fear spread throughout Drakoria, and a desperate plea for help echoed across the land.

In the heart of Drakoria, a young and courageous dragon named Lyria took it upon herself to confront the invisible menace. She had heard the legends and seen the destruction firsthand. Lyria’s scales were a brilliant shade of sapphire, and her heart burned with a fierce determination to protect her homeland.

Armed with bravery and the knowledge of ancient texts, Lyria embarked on a treacherous journey to the Other World. Guided by the hope of uncovering the secrets of the Invisible Dragon, she passed through the ethereal gateway that separated the realms.

The Other World was a place of eerie silence, an endless expanse of darkness. As Lyria ventured deeper, she felt the presence of the Invisible Dragon drawing closer, as if it could sense her arrival. She knew that to defeat this malevolent force, she needed to unveil its true form.

With every step, the tension grew, and the air became thick with uncertainty. It was in the heart of this desolate realm that Lyria finally confronted the Invisible Dragon. As they clashed in an invisible battle, the very essence of the Other World seemed to tremble.

Lyria, driven by her unwavering determination and love for her home, fought with all her might. Through sheer willpower, she tapped into the ancient magic of Drakoria and unveiled the Invisible Dragon’s true form—a colossal, serpentine creature, its scales shimmering with the colors of the universe.

In that moment, the Invisible Dragon’s reign of terror came to an end. With a resounding roar, Lyria and the once-invisible beast engaged in an epic struggle that reverberated through the Other World. Their battle raged on for days, and the very fabric of the realm seemed to tremble.

In the end, Lyria emerged victorious, her scales adorned with the iridescent hues of her vanquished foe. With the Invisible Dragon defeated, she returned to Drakoria as a hero, her legend surpassing even that of the enigmatic creature she had faced.

The land of Drakoria once again knew peace, but the tale of the Invisible Dragon would live on forever as a reminder of the bravery, courage, and indomitable spirit of one dragon who dared to confront the deadliest of threats, even if it was an invisible one.

Novel Details : Invisible Dragon

TitileInvisible Dragon
GenreAction, Adventure, Fantasy, Mature, Romance, Seinen, Supernatural, Tragedy
Rating 5./54.3

How to Read Novel Invisible Dragon Full Episode

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