How to Read Novel Living in this World with Cut & Paste Full Episode

In a world where the divine weaves its presence through every realm of existence, a profound event occurred as young adults reached the age of enlightenment. It was a time when God, in all His boundless wisdom, granted abilities known as Skills to those who proved themselves worthy.

In a quaint village nestled amidst lush forests and crystal-clear streams, a young person named Aiden was about to come of age. They were known throughout the village for their unparalleled determination and an unwavering sense of justice. Aiden was not the strongest or the smartest, but they possessed a heart full of kindness, and an insatiable desire to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves.

On the fateful day of their coming of age ceremony, as the sun’s golden rays bathed the village square, the divine energy descended. The villagers watched in awe as it swirled around Aiden, and two Skills were bestowed upon them. One was “Blade of Valor,” a Skill that enhanced their combat abilities to unmatched levels. The other was “Shield of Compassion,” a Skill that allowed Aiden to protect and heal those around them.

With their newfound Skills, Aiden dedicated themselves to training, honing their combat skills and learning to channel their compassion into a protective shield. They dreamed of becoming a hero and making the world a better place for all.

As Aiden’s journey unfolded, they ventured far beyond their village’s borders. They encountered dark forces that threatened peace and harmony in the realm. With their Blade of Valor, they defended the innocent and stood against the tyranny that plagued many corners of the land. Aiden’s Shield of Compassion became a beacon of hope, healing those wounded in the wake of their battles.

Word of Aiden’s heroic deeds spread far and wide, and people began to refer to them as the “Hero of Compassion.” Their fame grew, but they remained humble and true to their values, never seeking glory for its own sake.

Aiden’s adventures led them to unravel mysteries about the divine Skills, their connection to God, and the responsibilities they carried as a chosen one. They learned that it wasn’t just about defeating villains and protecting the weak, but also about inspiring others to follow their path of kindness and courage.

In time, Aiden’s name became legendary, and they became a symbol of hope and inspiration for people across the realm. The world was no longer the same, for the existence of a hero was not merely defined by their extraordinary abilities, but by their unwavering commitment to the betterment of all living beings.

And so, in this world where God granted Skills to those who came of age, Aiden’s journey as a hero continued, leaving an indelible mark on history as they embodied the true essence of valor, compassion, and the indomitable human spirit.

Novel Details : Living in this World with Cut & Paste

TitileLiving in this World with Cut & Paste
Amano Hazama
Sakuya (Tsugikuru)
PublisherAmano Hazama
Sakuya (Tsugikuru)
GenreAction, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Mystery, Romance, Seinen, Slice of Life
Rating 5./53.7

How to Read Novel Living in this World with Cut & Paste Full Episode

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