How to Read Novel Lycan Princess Fated Luna Full Episode

Soma had left her past behind, determined to make a fresh start in the bustling city. Her dream was to open a tea shop, a sanctuary of serenity amidst the chaos of urban life, and she named it the Pleasure Moon Tea Shop. Little did she know that the city held more than just the hustle and bustle she had anticipated. It was a place where supernatural conflicts brewed in the shadows.

One evening, a fateful encounter with Detective Marks would change the course of her life. The detective, known as the town bully, threatened Soma’s newfound peace. Unwilling to back down, she stood up to him, not realizing the storm she had unleashed. Soon, Detective Marks returned with a chilling warning – a raid on her tea shop was imminent.

The impending raid hung over Soma like a dark cloud. She paced anxiously throughout the day, half-expecting the worst. Detective Marks had ensured that his message was clear, and it was not an empty threat. When the raid finally came, it was a brutal onslaught. The detectives, acting under some unknown influence, destroyed everything in their path, leaving Soma in tears as the remnants of her dream lay in ruins.

In the midst of this turmoil, Soma discovered that she was a key player in a far more dangerous conflict – a werewolf war. She learned that she was fated to be the mate of Oliver Stone, the Alpha of the Blood Moon pack. Yet, her trials were far from over.

Forced to return to the Lycan territory, Soma found herself entangled with a vile King of the Lycans. Here, survival was a daily battle, where the line between friend and foe blurred. She had no way of knowing who she could trust, and the stakes were higher than she had ever imagined. Would she emerge from this ordeal unscathed, or would the Lycan King force a mating upon her, making Oliver just a distant memory?

Soma’s journey had taken an unexpected and treacherous turn. She was now faced with challenges that transcended the confines of her tea shop and her dreams of a peaceful city life. Her resilience and determination were her only allies in this shadowy world of supernatural strife, as she grappled with threats from all sides, unsure of who, if anyone, could be her savior in this perilous new chapter of her life.

As Soma’s story unfolded, the fate of the Pleasure Moon Tea Shop seemed intertwined with the destiny of a brewing werewolf war, with Oliver Stone waiting in the wings as a beacon of hope, but distant and uncertain in a world where danger lurked around every corner.


Novel Details : Lycan Princess Fated Luna

TittleLycan Princess Fated Luna
Lisa Thompson
GenreRomance, Werewolf
Rating 5./54.6

How to Read Novel Lycan Princess Fated Luna Full Episode

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