How to Read Novel Mated To The Wolf King Full Episode

The once handsome man, known as the heir to the throne, transformed into a majestic midnight black wolf. Upon his transformation, a distinctive white half-moon mark adorned his forehead—a birthmark shared by every King in their wolf form, a symbol of their lineage. However, the color of the mark varied from one monarch to the next. The previous King had been a dignified brown wolf.

Amidst the howling and exuberant cheers of the pack, the proclamation echoed through the forest: “Hail for the new King, Hail for King Zeus!” The cry reverberated through the woods, reaching even the deepest corners of the territory. It was a joyous occasion, a momentous transition of power, and I joined in with unbridled enthusiasm, raising my voice to honor the new ruler.

Yet, in the midst of the jubilation, my elation was short-lived. My jubilant shouts came to an abrupt halt as I locked eyes with my father. His stern gaze bore into me, cutting through the mirth like a chilling wind. The look he gave me was not one of pride or support; it was a harbinger of trouble.

With a heavy heart and a sinking feeling, I knew I was in dire straits. My father had always been a formidable figure, a disciplinarian of the highest order, and he expected nothing less than perfection from his offspring.

The realization of impending doom struck me like a bolt of lightning, and without hesitation, I shifted back into my wolf form. The transformation was seamless, an instinctual reaction to the fear coursing through my veins. I had no time to waste. I bolted, my powerful midnight-black wolf form propelling me with exceptional speed through the dense forest, leaving the celebration behind.

The ground beneath me blurred as I raced home, heart pounding and breaths coming in frantic bursts. Each stride took me farther from the crowd and closer to the safety of our pack house. I knew my father would not spare me. He would chase me down, his fury a relentless force of nature.

Finally, I reached the familiar territory of our pack house. I wasted no time and burst through the entrance, slamming the door shut behind me. It was a futile gesture; I knew that even the closed door couldn’t truly protect me from my father’s wrath.

Alone in my room, the weight of my transgression hung heavy on my shoulders. The cheers that had once echoed in my ears were now replaced with the ominous silence of my impending punishment. The minutes ticked away like hours, and every sound outside my room made my heart race. The shadows danced on the walls, a sinister prelude to the storm that was about to descend upon me.

My father’s footsteps drew near, heavy and deliberate. I braced myself, knowing that his anger was like a tempest, ready to engulf me in its fury. As the door swung open, I met his gaze, a mixture of fear and resignation in my eyes. I knew that, no matter how fast or far I ran, I could never escape the inevitability of my father’s discipline.

In that moment, as I faced the consequences of my actions, I understood the weight of responsibility that came with the half-moon mark on my forehead. I may have avoided the celebrations, but I couldn’t avoid the legacy of my lineage. My path was set, and it was one I had to tread with both honor and humility, even if it meant facing my father’s unrelenting judgment.


Novel Details : Mated To The Wolf King

TittleMated To The Wolf King
Rating 5./54.3

How to Read Novel Mated To The Wolf King Full Episode

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