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A girl found herself out of the blue with a strange man beside her. It was a situation that no one ever hopes to experience, the sudden and eerie realization that you’re in the company of someone you don’t know, in a place unfamiliar to you.

The girl’s name was Sarah, and she had been walking through a dense, shadowy forest when the incident occurred. The forest had always been her sanctuary, a place where she could escape the chaos of the world and find solace among the ancient trees and singing birds. It was a sunny afternoon, and the dappled sunlight filtered through the leaves, casting a warm and welcoming glow on the forest floor.

Sarah had been exploring a particularly dense thicket of bushes, lost in her thoughts, when she stumbled upon a clearing she had never seen before. In the center of the clearing sat a man. He was dressed in a tattered overcoat, with a scraggly beard and wild hair that seemed untouched by civilization. His eyes, however, were sharp and alert, giving him an air of unpredictability. Sarah couldn’t help but notice the intensity in his gaze.

Startled, Sarah took a step back, her heart racing. She had no recollection of how she had ended up in this unfamiliar part of the forest, let alone how this man had suddenly appeared beside her. She had been alone just moments ago, or at least she thought she had been.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?” Sarah stammered, trying to hide the fear in her voice.

The man regarded her with a curious smile, his eyes never leaving her face. “I could ask you the same question,” he replied, his voice surprisingly gentle. “I was here long before you stumbled into my domain.”

Sarah’s mind raced, trying to make sense of the situation. She didn’t know how she had come to be in this clearing, and this man’s words only deepened the mystery. The forest that had always been her place of refuge had become a place of uncertainty and danger.

“I don’t know how I got here,” Sarah admitted, her voice trembling. “I was just exploring, and then suddenly, you were here.”

The man’s smile widened, revealing a set of uneven teeth. “You have a talent for wandering into the unknown, it seems. But fear not, for I mean you no harm.”

Sarah wasn’t sure if she could trust his words, but she had little choice. She decided to cautiously sit down on a fallen log, keeping a safe distance from the man. As she studied him, she noticed that the clearing held an odd sense of tranquility, a stark contrast to the outside world.

They began to talk, the conversation flowing freely between them. The man introduced himself as Elijah, a recluse who had made the forest his home for many years. He spoke of the peace he found in the solitude and the lessons he had learned from nature. Sarah found herself drawn to his stories, and as time passed, her fear began to ebb away.

Elijah and Sarah spent hours in the clearing, sharing their experiences, hopes, and dreams. The forest that had once seemed treacherous now felt like a haven, and the strange man who had appeared out of the blue became a friend. They discovered an unexpected connection, a bond that transcended the boundaries of their worlds.

Sometimes, in the most unexpected places and with the most unexpected people, we find moments of profound connection and understanding. For Sarah, the strange encounter in the forest became a reminder that life is full of mysteries, and sometimes, the unknown can lead to the most remarkable discoveries.


Novel Details : My Strange Man

TittleMy Strange Man
GenreDrama, Romace
Rating 5./54.3

How to Read Novel My Strange Man Full Episode

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