How to Read Novel My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Full Episode

Yang Chen, a graduate from Harvard who is fluent in English, French, Italian, and German to list a few. He is also capable of fighting and a number of practical skills. Yet he chose to go on the streets to sell fried mutton skewers for a living. Lin Ruoxi is the CEO of a multibillion-dollar company—Yu Lei International. This company is one of the leaders in the cosmetic and fashion industry. Despite being only 20 years old, her ice-cold demeanor and beauty are well-known and unrivaled in Zhonghai City. Due to a wild night consisting of a lot of liquor, fate has brought them together to become husband and wife. And with that, the story begins!

It seems like you’ve provided a brief introduction to two characters, Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi, and the circumstances that brought them together. The story hints at an intriguing contrast between their backgrounds and lifestyles. Yang Chen, with his impressive educational and language skills, is living a more humble life by selling fried mutton skewers on the streets, while Lin Ruoxi is a young, successful CEO of a major company.

The story appears to revolve around the unlikely union of these two characters due to a chance encounter, likely fueled by a night of drinking. This sets the stage for potential conflicts and contrasts in their lives, offering the opportunity for character development and an interesting narrative.

Novel Details : My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

TittleMy Wife is a Beautiful CEO
Cabbage Flatbread
GenreAction Drama Ecchi Harem Martial Arts Mature Romance Xuanhuan
Rating 5./5Chinese

How to Read Novel My Wife is a Beautiful CEO Full Episode

The novel named My Wife is a Beautiful CEO is incredibly exciting to read. You can read this novel through the Goodnovel application which you can get on the google play store by searching for “My Wife is a Beautiful CEO” in the search menu for the Goodnovel application or simply open here.

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