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In the dimly lit chamber of her opulent castle, Princess Leah found herself in the throes of despair on the eve of her impending wedding. In a moment of desperation, she committed her innermost thoughts to a letter, a letter she had never imagined she would write, a letter that spoke of a terrible fate she believed awaited her after the wedding night.

As the heiress to the throne, Leah had always shouldered the weight of responsibility with grace and dignity. Her devotion to her country and her royal family was unwavering, and her days were filled with diplomacy, etiquette, and countless obligations. She had been groomed from a young age to take on the role of a queen, and her wedding was to be the culmination of years of preparation. But now, as the dark clouds of doom gathered in her heart, she was certain that her nuptials would be the prelude to her tragic end.

In her heart-wrenching note, Leah lamented her fate. The weight of her royal lineage and the expectations thrust upon her had taken their toll. She felt trapped in a gilded cage, and the prospect of a loveless, perhaps even life-threatening marriage weighed heavily on her. It was this despair that drove her to contemplate the ultimate act of desperation, one she never thought she would consider.

But Leah was not willing to depart from this world quietly. She had a plan, a devastating act of revenge against her own family that would cast a long shadow even after her lifeless body lay in repose. She was determined to shatter the pristine image of her family, to expose the hypocrisy that lay beneath the surface of their regal facade.

Leah’s revenge plan was audacious in its cruelty. She resolved to bring shame upon her family by defying the one expectation they held most dear—her purity as a bride. The very idea of her being a non-virgin on her wedding night was a scandal that would send shockwaves through the kingdom.

As she confided in the man she had spent that fateful night with, she was met with questions and concerns. “Why did you throw away your first experience?” he asked, his voice filled with genuine confusion. “Don’t you just want to run away from all of this?”

Leah’s response was laced with raw, unfiltered despair. “I… I want to die,” she admitted impulsively, her voice quivering. Her confession to this man, a stranger who had unwittingly become entangled in her desperate scheme, was a testament to the depth of her anguish.

The night loomed heavy around Princess Leah, and her carefully crafted facade had begun to crumble. The wedding day was fast approaching, and she was ready to defy the expectations of her family, ready to leave behind a legacy of scandal and shame. Her tragic story was one of a princess pushed to the brink, willing to go to unthinkable lengths to make her voice heard, even from beyond the grave.

Novel Details : Predatory Marriage

TitilePredatory Marriage
Feelyeon Management
GenreAdult, Drama, Fantasy, Mature, Romance, Smut, Tragedy
Rating 5./54.4

How to Read Novel Predatory Marriage Full Episode

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