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After meeting his untimely demise in the line of duty, Liang Feng experienced an inexplicable twist of fate as he found himself transported to a wholly unfamiliar era—the Western Jin Dynasty. This period, which arose from the turbulent aftermath of the Three Kingdoms era and paved the way for the subsequent Sixteen Barbarian Kingdoms, was now his new reality.

However, Liang Feng’s predicament was far from ordinary. He discovered himself inhabiting the form of a strikingly attractive, yet astonishingly fragile body. Faced with this newfound existence, he grappled with a profound choice: should he utilize his captivating appearance to masquerade as a “renowned scholar,” navigating the intricate web of courtly politics and intellectual pursuits, or should he embark on a bold journey, rallying armies and cultivating fertile fields to combat the looming threat of barbarian forces vying for supremacy over the Middle Kingdom?

In the company of a faithful young wolfdog companion, Liang Feng embarked on a transformative journey, one that showcased his unwavering determination and adaptability. Through trials and tribulations, he demonstrated that he possessed the diverse skill set required to thrive in this tumultuous era—proving to all that he was a force to be reckoned with.

Liang Feng’s transmigration into the Western Jin Dynasty sets the stage for an epic tale of adventure, strategy, and personal growth. As he navigates this ancient world with his unique attributes and the loyal young wolfdog by his side, he faces important decisions and challenges. Here’s how his journey might unfold:

Chapter 1: Arrival in the Western Jin Dynasty

  • Liang Feng awakens in the body of a beautiful but fragile individual, a scholar named Liang Yue. He quickly realizes the opportunity presented by his new identity.
  • He decides to initially use his looks and intelligence to fake his way into becoming a famous scholar, gaining access to the royal court and influential circles. His knowledge of science, mathematics, and literature from his previous life proves invaluable in this endeavor.

Chapter 2: Uncovering Secrets

  • Liang Feng begins to unravel the mysteries of his transmigration. He discovers that his arrival in this era is not a random occurrence but part of a larger cosmic plan.
  • His young wolfdog, a loyal and extraordinary companion, exhibits unique abilities that become increasingly relevant as the story progresses.

Chapter 3: Scholarly Intrigue

  • Liang Feng’s rise in the scholarly world is not without challenges. Rival scholars and court intrigues threaten his position and safety.
  • He forms alliances with like-minded individuals, including a powerful eunuch with hidden ambitions and a brilliant strategist who recognizes Liang Feng’s potential.

Chapter 4: The Barbarian Threat

  • News of barbarian incursions and threats to the Western Jin Dynasty’s stability reach Liang Feng’s ears. He faces a moral dilemma – should he use his influence for personal gain or take action to protect the Middle Kingdom?
  • Liang Feng decides to use his knowledge to raise an army and bolster the dynasty’s defenses. He combines his scholarly wisdom with his military expertise, gained from his previous life, to train and lead troops effectively.

Chapter 5: Epic Battles and Alliances

  • As Liang Feng’s army clashes with the barbarian invaders, epic battles ensue. His brilliant tactics and the surprising abilities of his wolfdog turn the tide of the war.
  • Liang Feng forms alliances with neighboring kingdoms and generals who share his vision of a united Middle Kingdom. Together, they create a formidable force to push back the barbarians.

Chapter 6: Personal Growth and Destiny

  • Throughout his journey, Liang Feng grapples with questions of identity, purpose, and destiny. He learns that true power lies not only in strength and knowledge but in the bonds he forms and the choices he makes.
  • The mysteries surrounding his transmigration and the wolfdog’s origins continue to unfold, leading him toward a greater understanding of his role in this world.

Chapter 7: The Climactic Showdown

  • The story culminates in a climactic showdown between Liang Feng’s forces and the barbarian hordes. The fate of the Middle Kingdom hangs in the balance.
  • Liang Feng’s transformation from a mere scholar to a legendary hero is complete as he leads his army to a decisive victory, securing the dynasty’s survival and the Middle Kingdom’s future.

Epilogue: Legacy and Continuation

  • Liang Feng’s journey may not end with the defeat of the barbarians. New challenges and mysteries may emerge, setting the stage for further adventures and the exploration of his unique abilities and destiny in this ancient world.

This epic tale combines elements of historical fiction, fantasy, and personal growth, making for a thrilling and multifaceted narrative. Liang Feng’s character evolves as he faces the dual challenges of navigating the past and shaping the future of the Western Jin Dynasty and the Middle Kingdom.

Novel Details : Royal Road

TitleRoyal Road
GenreAction, Adult, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Mature, Yaoi
Rating 5./54.6

How to Read Novel Royal Road Full Episode

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