How to Read Novel Sono Mono Nochi Ni… (WN) Full Episode

Wazu had been living a quiet and secluded life up in the mountains for two long years. The events that had led him to retreat from society were indeed unfortunate, and he needed time to heal and reflect on his life. But now, he felt the urge to return to civilization, to reconnect with people and start anew.

As Wazu descended from the mountain, he began to notice that there were various misunderstandings about the place he had been living. People had created wild and fantastical stories about the “mountain” he had secluded himself in. Some believed it was a mystical realm filled with hidden treasures and magical creatures, while others thought it was a cursed and haunted place.

Wazu’s first encounter with people was met with awe and disbelief. They couldn’t believe that he had survived for so long in what they thought was such a perilous and mysterious location. He tried to explain that it was just a simple mountain, but his words fell on deaf ears as the rumors and legends had taken on a life of their own.

Despite the misunderstandings, Wazu was welcomed back into society with open arms. People were curious to hear his stories of life in the “mountain,” and he became somewhat of a local legend. He shared his wisdom and experiences with those who sought his counsel, and his time in seclusion had given him a unique perspective on life.

Over time, Wazu found himself enjoying his interactions with people once again. He made new friends, mended old relationships, and even fell in love. His return to society was a fresh start, and he embraced it with a newfound appreciation for the beauty of human connection.

And so, after his two-year retreat in the misunderstood “mountain,” Wazu’s life took a surprising turn. He learned that sometimes, stepping away from the chaos of the world can lead to a deeper understanding of both oneself and others. His journey was a reminder that even in the face of misunderstanding and misconceptions, the human spirit can endure, adapt, and thrive.

Novel Details : Sono Mono Nochi Ni… (WN)

TitileSono Mono Nochi Ni… (WN)
Earth Star Novel
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Romance
Rating 5./53.3

How to Read Novel Sono Mono Nochi Ni… (WN) Full Episode

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