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Note: There’s no magic in this novel. This was previously in the Realistic Fiction genre but it’s not included in the choices. So I picked the closest one to it. Onoda Ruki is just your ordinary high school student. He strived for being the Classmate A who’s unimportant to the story. Despite being the Classmate A. Onoda has a secret desire which he always had ever since young and that was to steal each and every girl from their guy. Join him as he entered his high school days as he conquer and steal every girl he sets his eyes on. And along the way, the growth in his character and those around him.

Title: “Classmate A: The Heart Thief”

Chapter 1: A Seemingly Ordinary Start

Onoda Ruki, an unassuming high school student, had a peculiar ambition. He aspired to be the quintessential “Classmate A” in any story, someone so inconspicuous that they were barely mentioned. But hidden behind this facade of mediocrity was a secret desire that had taken root in Onoda’s heart since his early years – the desire to steal the hearts of every girl he encountered, to make them question their choices and consider him as a better option.

Onoda’s journey began on the first day of high school. As he entered the bustling hallways of his new school, he couldn’t help but notice the captivating girls who seemed to be swarmed by admirers. Names like “Classmate B,” “Classmate C,” and the alluring “Classmate D” danced through the gossip-laden air.

Determined to make his mark, Onoda plotted his course of action. He realized that he needed to grow, not just in terms of popularity but as a person. He understood that stealing hearts wasn’t just about appearances; it was about being a genuine, interesting, and caring person.

Chapter 2: The Transformation Begins

Onoda set his plan into motion. He joined clubs, participated in school activities, and started conversations with classmates he had never spoken to before. With each interaction, he aimed to understand the complexities of the human heart, to learn what made each girl tick, and to discover the qualities that would make him the best option for them.

As he slowly built his reputation, Onoda found himself surrounded by friends who genuinely cared about him. His growth wasn’t limited to his pursuit of girls; it was reflected in his character. He was no longer just “Classmate A” but “Onoda Ruki,” a young man who had the potential to become the kind of person who could capture hearts without deceit.

Chapter 3: The Choices and Consequences

Onoda’s journey wasn’t without its trials and tribulations. Along the way, he faced dilemmas that tested his principles and integrity. He had to make choices that sometimes pitted friendship against romance. The consequences of his actions were not always predictable, and he learned that the heart was a complex territory.

But as he navigated these challenges, Onoda’s character continued to evolve. He discovered the importance of empathy, the value of honesty, and the power of selflessness. His secret ambition had become a quest for self-improvement, and the hearts he aimed to steal were no longer just those of girls but the hearts of everyone he encountered.

Chapter 4: The Heart Thief

As Onoda’s high school days progressed, he became known not as a heart thief but as a heartwarming presence. He was someone who brought positivity and warmth to those around him. People were drawn to his sincerity and kindness, making him the embodiment of the “ideal classmate” who had evolved beyond the confines of a typical romantic narrative.

The story of Onoda Ruki was not about deceitful conquests or a heartless playboy. It was a tale of personal growth, friendship, and the transformation of an ordinary boy into an extraordinary person who left a mark on the lives of those he met.

“Classmate A: The Heart Thief” is a heartwarming journey of self-discovery, character development, and the surprising ways in which we can change the lives of others by simply being ourselves.


Novel Details : Stealing Spree

TittleStealing Spree
GenreAction, Harem, Romance, School life
Rating 5./54.1

How to Read Novel Stealing Spree Full Episode

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