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At twenty-five, Princess Adrianne appeared to live a life that would leave most people envious. With her striking beauty and elegant demeanor, she effortlessly glided through her days, dedicating her time to charitable causes and gracing the most glamorous galas during her nights. To the world, she was the pampered-rich-girl, living the fairytale life that many could only dream of. However, behind the facade of opulence and privilege, Adrianne harbored a dangerous truth.

For a decade, revenge had been her sole purpose, the fire burning in her heart. As a child, she had been forced to witness the cruelty hidden beneath the veneer of her parents’ supposed fairytale marriage. The loveless union between her mother and father had left deep scars on her soul, and now, she was ready to make her famous father pay for the years of pain and deception. Her plan was meticulous, her resolve unwavering – she would seize the one thing her father treasured above all else, the legendary and priceless necklace known as “The Sun and the Moon.”

Just as Adrianne was on the brink of executing her vengeful plot, fate intervened in the form of a man who seemed to possess an uncanny ability to decipher her deepest secrets. Philip Chamberlain, clever, charming, and enigmatic, crossed her path. He had his own concealed motives for getting close to Princess Adrianne, motives that were shrouded in mystery.

Their initial encounters were a dance of words, laden with intrigue and unspoken desires. Adrianne was drawn to Philip’s enigmatic charm, and she couldn’t help but feel a connection that transcended their shared secrets. Little did she know that her growing attraction to him would lead her down a treacherous path.

As their relationship deepened, Adrianne’s once impenetrable facade began to crumble. She found herself torn between her quest for vengeance and her feelings for Philip. The stakes grew higher as she uncovered the hidden danger that lurked beneath the surface.

Adrianne soon realized that she was entangled in a perilous web, caught between two formidable men. Her father, the famous figure she sought to bring to his knees, held the knowledge that could strip her of her freedom and bring her world crashing down. Philip, the charismatic stranger who had walked into her life, had his own secrets and the power to take not only her freedom but also her life.

As the tension mounted and the final act of her revenge plot loomed, Princess Adrianne found herself in a heart-wrenching dilemma. She was forced to make choices that would determine her fate and the fate of those she loved. The line between love and revenge blurred, and she had to confront the painful truth that her carefully constructed plan might lead to consequences more devastating than she had ever imagined.

In the end, Princess Adrianne would discover that in her quest for revenge, she had unwittingly placed herself on a collision course with not only her father but also the mysterious Philip Chamberlain. The hidden dangers she faced were greater than she had ever anticipated, and the price she would pay for her actions would be steeper than she could have ever foreseen.


Novel Details : Sweet Revenge

TittleSweet Revenge
Nora Roberts
GenreAdult, Fiction,Mystery, Romance
Rating 5./54.3

How to Read Novel Sweet Revenge Full Episode

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