How to Read Novel The Alpha King And His Wolfless Luna Full Episode

With his height towering over her, he took gentle strands around her like a predator caging in his prey. “I’m sorry,” Ashley mumbled from her frightened and confused mind. Her heart raced in her chest, and she couldn’t understand what was happening. The man before her exuded a powerful and intimidating presence.

“What are you sorry for?” He asked as he kept circling her, his eyes locked onto her like a hawk eyeing its prey. Ashley felt trapped, a small lamb in the midst of a hungry wolf. She was naive and innocent, and that mere fact about her drove him insane, drove his wolf crazy. But how could he be so fascinated by someone who was not his mate, he pondered.

“What’s your name?” he asked her in his hoarse voice, a voice that sent shivers down her spine. “Ashley,” she replied calmly, not daring to lift her face to meet his piercing gaze. She couldn’t fathom the situation she had stumbled into. This man, Alexander, had caught her off guard, and she had no idea why he had singled her out.

“Sorry does not cut it, Ashley,” he said, his tone almost challenging. “You have seen me naked, and it’s only fair that I see you too.” The words hung in the air, and Ashley’s cheeks flushed with embarrassment. She was at a loss, caught in a bizarre encounter with a man who seemed to possess an aura of power and danger.

With just a few months to his banishment, Alexander was desperate. He needed a mate to reclaim his right to the throne of the wolf pack. The throne was rightfully his, but without a mate, he couldn’t ascend to the leadership role.

One day, as he was wandering through the outskirts of the pack territory, he stumbled upon Ashley, a wolfless slave girl. She was an outcast, an enigma within the pack. Everyone referred to her as “the weak wolfless luna,” mocking her lack of a mate and her apparent lack of strength. But Alexander saw something in her that others didn’t.

Desperation led Alexander to strike a dangerous and unorthodox deal with Ashley. He approached her, his imposing presence demanding her attention. He proposed that they become mates, an arrangement that would allow him to claim his rightful place as the pack’s alpha. Ashley, who had been isolated and ostracized for so long, was bewildered by the proposition. She had always considered herself an outcast, unworthy of anyone’s attention, let alone a powerful alpha like Alexander.

The challenges that lay ahead for both of them were immense. For Alexander, it was a race against time to secure his throne before his looming banishment. He had to convince the pack that Ashley was a suitable mate, a task made more difficult by her reputation as a “weak wolfless luna.” As for Ashley, she had to navigate the complexities of pack politics and learn to embrace her newfound role.

Their journey was fraught with obstacles, from the skepticism of the pack to the personal struggles each of them faced. Alexander had to overcome his doubts about choosing a mate out of necessity rather than love, while Ashley had to find her inner strength and prove herself as a worthy luna. The fate of the pack and their own destinies hung in the balance as they embarked on this unconventional path towards unity and power.

In a world where tradition and expectation clashed with the unconventional and uncharted, Alexander and Ashley’s story would test the boundaries of love, loyalty, and leadership within the wolf pack.


Novel Details : The Alpha King And His Wolfless Luna

TittleThe Alpha King And His Wolfless Luna
Lulu Bells
GenreComedy, Humor, Romance, Werewolf
Rating 5./54.1

How to Read Novel The Alpha King And His Wolfless Luna Full Episode

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