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The person whom the world revolves around. The person who defeats all of his opponents, and ultimately gets the beautiful girl. The sole existence all villains fear. That is the protagonist. What about me? As a failed author who had only one success throughout his whole career, I had reincarnated into my late novel. This is it I thought, as I tightly clenched my fist. Did I just get reincarnated in my own novel? Is this where I reincarnate in a novel and become the protagonist? No. Sadly it’s not that kind of novel, as I reincarnated as a mob. The world doesn’t revolve around me. The girls don’t come flocking towards me. The cheat items don’t come to me. Phew I let out a sigh of relief. Thank god I’m not the protagonist I joyfully shouted as tears streamed down my cheeks. Wait, are you curious as to why I don’t want to be the protagonist? I did forget to mention the most important thing when I was describing a protagonist. That is… They are calamity magnets. I just died. If I learned something from that, it’s that it really isn’t a pleasant experience. If possible let me live a long stable life. Thank you, whoever reincarnated me. I would later come to regret these words…

It seems like you’ve provided an interesting story excerpt about a character who, after reincarnating into his own novel, is relieved not to be the protagonist due to the challenges and calamities that often befall them. This twist on the typical isekai (reincarnation) story trope offers a unique perspective on the life of a supporting character rather than the protagonist. It also highlights the protagonist’s role as a “calamity magnet,” which can make their journey challenging and dangerous.

This story could explore themes related to expectations, self-discovery, and the desire for a stable and peaceful life. It might also delve into how the character’s experiences as a “mob” in their own novel lead to personal growth and a different perspective on what it means to be a hero.

Novel Details : The Author’s POV

TittleThe Author’s POV
GenreAction, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Rating 5./54.1

How to Read Novel The Author’s POV Full Episode

The novel named The Author’s POV is incredibly exciting to read. You can read this novel through the Goodnovel application which you can get on the google play store by searching for “The Author’s POV” in the search menu for the Goodnovel application or simply open here.

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