How to Read Novel The New Gate (LN) Full Episode

Shin had always been a formidable player within “THE NEW GATE,” his skills and strategies making him one of the most renowned figures in the game’s history. With determination and a sense of responsibility, he had rallied other players to confront the malicious game system that had trapped them for so long. After an epic battle, they finally defeated the last boss and broke free from the virtual prison.

The cheers and celebrations were short-lived, however, as a blinding light enveloped Shin, disorienting him completely. When the brilliance dissipated, he found himself in a world he didn’t recognize. The game’s landscape had transformed drastically over the centuries.

The city that once stood as the game’s central hub had crumbled into ruins, nature reclaiming the territory. Towering trees had sprouted from the concrete, and animals freely roamed the once-busy streets. It was a post-apocalyptic setting that bore no resemblance to the game world he had known.

Panicked and disoriented, Shin tried to access his menu, contact other players, or even find a way to log out, but all his efforts were in vain. The game’s mechanics and interface seemed to have changed completely. He realized that he was not merely inside the game; he had been transported 500 years into its future.

As he ventured deeper into this new world, Shin encountered beings that appeared to be the descendants of players who had once been trapped in “THE NEW GATE.” They revered him as a legendary hero, a figure from their history, and told him stories of his epic battle that had set them free. They believed he held the key to solving the mysteries of the game world’s transformation and the reason for his sudden arrival.

Determined to find answers and return to the real world, Shin embarked on a new quest, not as a player but as a stranger in a land shaped by the legacy of the game. Along the way, he encountered new allies and foes, unearthed the game’s hidden secrets, and delved into the dark history that had led to this bizarre future.

“The NEW GATE” had evolved far beyond what he had known, and Shin was now its unwitting champion, tasked with navigating a world that blended fantasy and reality. His journey would be fraught with challenges, but with his unwavering resolve and the knowledge of the game he once conquered, he set out to uncover the truth behind his predicament and find a way back home, hoping to reunite with the friends he had left behind in the past.

Novel Details : The New Gate (LN)

TitileThe New Gate (LN)
Kazanami Shinogi
PublisherAlpha Polis
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Shounen, Supernatural
Rating 5./53.9

How to Read Novel The New Gate (LN) Full Episode

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