How to Read Novel The Rejected Hybrid Full Episode

She was the daughter of the powerful and well-known Alpha of the Silver Moon Pack, yet her life was shrouded in darkness from the very beginning. The story of her perceived malevolence stemmed from the tragic circumstances of her birth, which claimed the life of her mother in the most excruciating labor ever recorded. Her mother’s death was a shadow that loomed over her, and it marked the genesis of her painful journey.

What set her apart and fueled the whispers of evil was the peculiar, haunting feature she bore: her eyes. While one eye was a striking, icy blue, the other was a fiery, unsettling shade of red. To her pack, this physical anomaly was an omen of darkness, an affront to their belief in uniformity, and it only served to deepen the mistrust and disdain toward her.

Her own father, the Alpha, could not see past the stigma. He, too, rejected her, treating her as though she were a mere servant in his grand palace. The pain deepened when he took another mate, a woman who bore him a daughter and a son, further emphasizing her isolation within the family.

But the cruel twist of fate awaited her in the form of a mate, who, upon their fateful meeting, revealed himself to be the son of her father’s greatest enemy. In this union, her life became a battlefield, a constant struggle against the forces that seemed destined to keep her in misery. It was a love fraught with tension, as they grappled with the weight of their bloodline’s enmity.

Throughout all this hardship, her true identity remained a well-guarded secret. The mysteries that surrounded her, from the origin of her unique eye colors to the dormant power hidden within her, concealed the essence of the hybrid she truly was. Her pack was oblivious to the potential and strength that she could wield.

Then came the day that would change everything. It was the day her pack was brutally attacked, and in the face of adversity, her hidden powers were awakened. It was a revelation that not only shocked her pack but also the very core of her being. As she unleashed her formidable abilities to defend her packmates, she became the savior they never expected, turning the tide of the battle.

The attack became the turning point in her life, a catalyst for a transformation that would see her rise from the ashes of rejection and suffering. She had always been more than her appearance or the superstitions surrounding her birth. Now, the world would come to know the strength and valor of the “evil” daughter of the Silver Moon Alpha, the girl with mismatched eyes who carried a latent power that could change the fate of her pack and the course of her life.


Novel Details : The Rejected Hybrid

TittleThe Rejected Hybrid
AuthorHumble Smith
GenreDrama, Mystey, Werewolf
Rating 5./54.1

How to Read Novel The Rejected Hybrid Full Episode

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