How to Read Novel The Rejected Life of Mala Luca Full Episode

Where does one go when rejected by their Mate? Banished by their Alpha? or turned themselves rogue to escape the pain that is their life within their home pack. There are packs, if one can find them, for those considered rejects, to their own and they grow exponentially. These packs accept all rejected wolves, male or female.

All that are rejected are welcome within these packs, where they can be with others like themselves, kindred spirits, where they have no fear of punishment or brutality, these places are called The Rejected Packs. They are secretly supported by the wolfen council.

A Rejected Pack will stay as such until one day the pack is considered to be big and strong and is recognized by the wolfen council as worthy of reintroduction to the wolfen society as a fully legitimized pack with a new name.

This is the tale of one Rejected she-wolf Tamala Lucas; known now as Mala Luca, thought to be wolf-less, is shunned by her pack and treated cruelly by those around her. This tale tells of why she leaves her pack, how she comes to live within a rejected pack, what her life is like there, who she will become and who she meets and befriends. Learns a Mate is not a terrible thing after all, is able to see the good of a Mate Bond and will come to helps others to accept their fated Mate. Even though she never wants it for herself would rather have a chosen Mate, someone she knows, can trust and chose to love on her own terms.

Mala will try stay clear of her past that comes knocking once more for her over the years, after being hidden for along time, from her former mate. Her Mate who rejected her at 18, even though she was the fiercest warrior, rejected for being wolf-less, now he wants her back, he knows she is not wolf-less and is still the best fighter out there. A ruthless fighter who takes no prisoners.

Knows that Mala would make for a Warrior Luna, something highly prized and would make any pack stronger, would give him good strong heirs. Not something that Mala wants for herself, she has no desire to go back to her home pack, regardless of the way her former Mate is or how he gets to her, to find her and try to bring her back to him. What will Mala do to keep her life inside the rejected pack?

Novel Details : The Rejected Life of Mala Luca

TittleThe Rejected Life of Mala Luca
jennifer francis
Rating 5./53.8

How to Read Novel The Rejected Life of Mala Luca Full Episode

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