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Serenity Martins had always been known for her shyness, kindness, and quiet demeanor. She was the type of person who preferred to blend into the background, going unnoticed by most. Her existence was like a whisper in the wind, almost invisible to those around her. Her world was simple, and she was content living in the outskirts of the Midnight Moon Pack.

Damien Blackwood, on the other hand, was the epitome of contrast. He was the embodiment of power and dominance as the Future Alpha of the Midnight Moon Pack. Merciless, cruel, and captivating, he was the storm that could bring both chaos and calm. His presence demanded attention, and his charisma was undeniable.

The first time their paths crossed, Damien’s eyes, cold and emotionless, met Serenity’s. It was a brief encounter, one she would remember for the rest of her life. The second time, his words shattered her world into a million pieces.

“I, Damien Blackwood, Future Alpha of Midnight Moon Pack, reject you, Serenity Martins, as my mate and future Luna,” he declared, his voice as unfeeling as his gaze.

Serenity’s heart crumbled in her chest, and the world seemed to stop. She had secretly harbored a crush on Damien, a love that had grown quietly and fiercely. But her dreams of being with him were crushed in that single moment, as he made it clear that his heart belonged to another, her human best friend.

With a heavy heart and wounded pride, Serenity decided to leave the pack, seeking a fresh start in a distant territory. She couldn’t bear the thought of watching Damien and her best friend together, a painful reminder of the love she could never have.

Three long years passed, and Serenity received an invitation to her best friend’s wedding. Despite the pain it promised to bring, she couldn’t decline the request. She needed closure, a way to put her unrequited love to rest.

As she returned to her old pack, a whirlwind of emotions engulfed her. Her past and present collided, and secrets she had guarded closely were at risk of being exposed. She couldn’t keep her emotions hidden forever, and as the wedding festivities unfolded, jealousy and rage simmered just beneath the surface.

However, life had an unexpected surprise in store for Serenity. A little bundle of joy, a secret she had kept from everyone, threatened to change the dynamics of her world once again. The child was a testament to the love she had experienced, even if it was unreciprocated.

The wedding day arrived, and Damien was there, as handsome and captivating as ever. But as he watched Serenity from afar, his eyes were not as blank as they once were. Regret and longing flickered in them, hinting at a different side of the merciless Alpha.

Serenity’s journey had come full circle. Her past and present collided, and the future held unexpected possibilities. The shy and kind she-wolf had grown stronger and wiser, and she was ready to face the storm that was Damien Blackwood once again, this time with a little bundle of joy in tow.


Novel Details : The Rejected Mate

TittleThe Rejected Mate
Naomi Jordan
GenreComedy, Drama, Romance, Werewolf
Rating 5./54.5

How to Read Novel The Rejected Mate Full Episode

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