How to Read Novel The Revenge Of A Rejected Mate Full Episode

Audrey Raven’s life took a tragic and tumultuous turn when she discovered her mate, Jacob Huxley, in an intimate embrace with her best friend, Elora. The betrayal cut deep, but it was only the beginning of her ordeal. Jacob, the son of her father’s Beta, chose to reject Audrey, citing her lack of conventional femininity as a reason, and confessed to his feelings for Elora. The heartbreak was agonizing for Audrey, but the worst was yet to come.

Jacob and his father plotted a coup against Audrey’s family, aiming to usurp her father’s position as Alpha and heir. Their ruthless plan succeeded, resulting in the murder of Audrey’s parents. Tragically, Jacob’s father lost his life in the process, leaving Jacob to assume the role of Alpha. Audrey’s life unraveled further when she was caught in the crossfire during the impeachment, sustaining a life-threatening injury. Shot in the neck, she hit her head hard, prompting her to fake amnesia in a desperate attempt to protect herself from further harm.

Jacob, consumed by grief and rage over the loss of his father, subjected Audrey to further cruelty. He enslaved her and, when he deemed her no longer useful, callously sold her to a feared Lycan king. Audrey, an omega, found herself in dire straits, at the mercy of a ruthless ruler. But fate had more surprises in store for her.

Audrey soon discovered that the Moon Goddess had granted her a second chance at a mate, and that mate happened to be the very Lycan king who now held her captive. Kaden, the king, offered her kindness, protection, and a glimmer of hope in her otherwise bleak existence. Their bond grew stronger with each passing day, providing Audrey with the support and love she desperately needed.

However, just when Audrey began to rebuild her life with Kaden, Jacob reappeared, seeking forgiveness and reconciliation. He had realized the gravity of his mistakes and the depth of his feelings for Audrey. Now the question loomed before her: should she forgive Jacob and return to her first mate, or should she remain with Kaden, her second chance at love and happiness?

Audrey faced an agonizing choice, torn between her tumultuous history with Jacob and the newfound love and security she had discovered with Kaden. The scars of betrayal and trauma ran deep, and Audrey had to decide whether to grant forgiveness and a second chance to someone who had once discarded her or embrace the opportunity for a fresh start with Kaden, her loyal and loving second mate. The path ahead held uncertainty, but it was a decision only Audrey could make, one that would shape her future and the love she sought.


Novel Details : The Revenge Of A Rejected Mate

TittleThe Revenge Of A Rejected Mate
Pure Ink
GenreHumor, Werewolf
Rating 5./54.5

How to Read Novel The Revenge Of A Rejected Mate Full Episode

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