How to Read Novel The Rogue Queen Full Episode

Eric had always embraced his lupine nature with pride. From the day he first shifted into his wolf form, he had relished the feeling of power coursing through his veins, the way his senses sharpened, and the freedom he experienced on four legs. It was a privilege to be a part of his pack, and he had always been eager to contribute, especially when it came to patrolling their territory.

However, in recent weeks, something had changed. The moonlight runs, once a source of exhilaration, had become grueling tests of endurance. Eric’s wolf, Braxton, had taken charge, pushing him beyond his limits night after night. It was as if Braxton had a hidden agenda, one that he refused to share with Eric.

Each morning, Eric awoke in his bed, disoriented and exhausted. His sheets were invariably caked with mud, a testament to the rough terrain he had traversed during the night. His entire body ached, as if he had been in a constant battle, and there were patches of dried blood on his skin that he couldn’t account for. It was clear that something was happening during his nightly escapades, something that Eric couldn’t remember or control.

Desperation and frustration finally reached a breaking point for Eric. He needed answers, and he needed them now. He couldn’t continue to subject himself to these punishing patrols without knowing why or what purpose they served. Braxton, his inner wolf, had become an enigma, a force driving him to the brink of his physical and emotional limits.

One evening, as the moon rose high in the sky, casting an ethereal glow over the landscape, Eric made a decision. He would confront Braxton, demand answers from the inner force that had taken control of him. But Braxton was not so easily convinced. When Eric attempted to communicate with his wolf, the response was a stony silence, an icy wall of resistance that left him feeling helpless and alone.

With no other option, Eric turned to his father, the Alpha of their pack. He needed his father’s guidance and authority to extract the truth from his rogue wolf. It was a dangerous decision, for the Alpha’s power over the pack was absolute, and using it to pry information from one’s own wolf was a drastic measure.

One moonlit night, Eric stood before his father, the ancient and wise leader of their pack. He confessed his ordeal, detailing the strange and relentless patrols, the mud-soaked sheets, the aching body, and the unexplained blood. His father, though concerned, understood the gravity of the situation. With a stern nod, he extended his hand toward Eric’s forehead, channeling his Alpha power to breach the barrier Braxton had erected.

The moment his father’s power touched him, a torrent of memories flooded Eric’s consciousness. He saw himself stalking through the night, guided by an insatiable thirst for revenge. It was Braxton who had been seeking retribution, pursuing those who had wronged their pack. These secret missions had been undertaken in the name of justice, with Braxton acting as the avenging spirit. But they had taken their toll, leaving Eric battered and confused.

As the truth unfolded, Eric realized that he and Braxton were not so different after all. They shared a deep commitment to their pack, a bond that ran as strong as the moon’s pull on the tides. Now, armed with this knowledge, Eric and Braxton could work together to protect their pack while maintaining a balance between their human and wolf selves. The secret was out, and Eric felt a newfound sense of purpose and understanding, grateful for his father’s guidance and the strength of their pack’s unity.


Novel Details : The Rogue Queen

TittleThe Rogue Queen
Lynn Williams 
GenreComedy, Humor, Tragedy, Werewolf
Rating 5./54.1

How to Read Novel The Rogue Queen Full Episode

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