How to Read Novel The Youngest Son of Sunyang Full Episode


The quote you provided appears to be from Jung Tae Soo, the president of Hanbo Group, during a congressional hearing. In this quote, Jung Tae Soo is expressing his perspective on the financial knowledge of employees, specifically referring to them as “slaves.” Here’s a breakdown of the quote:

  1. “How could a slave know more about money than a master such as I?”: In this part of the quote, Jung Tae Soo seems to be questioning how employees or individuals who are in subordinate positions (referred to as “slaves” metaphorically) could have more knowledge about money and financial matters than someone like himself, who holds a position of power and authority (“master” in this context).
  2. “They are called employees, salarymen, but in truth they were slaves. I was a slave.”: Jung Tae Soo is reflecting on his own experience as an employee or “salaryman,” and he is characterizing these individuals as slaves, suggesting that they were subjected to oppressive working conditions or systems.
  3. “But I’ve put everything I’ve had to become a butler. Instead, all I’ve got was an ending befitting of an abandoned slave.”: Jung Tae Soo appears to be expressing regret or disappointment about his own career path. He mentions that he worked hard to become a “butler,” which may symbolize a more subservient or servant-like role, and that despite his efforts, he did not achieve a desirable outcome, likening it to the fate of an abandoned slave.
  4. “And the blessings of the god.”: This part of the quote introduces a religious or spiritual element, suggesting that despite his challenges and disappointments, Jung Tae Soo may still believe in receiving blessings or divine intervention.

Overall, this quote reflects Jung Tae Soo’s perspective on his own life and the experiences of employees within the context of the corporate world. It touches on themes of power dynamics, financial knowledge, and personal aspirations.

Novel Details : The Youngest Son of Sunyang

TitileThe Youngest Son of Sunyang
San Kyung
GenreDrama, Fantasy, Mature, Psychological
Rating 5./54.4

How to Read Novel The Youngest Son of Sunyang Full Episode

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