How to Read Novel Trapped in a Ruthless Heart Full Episode

Rhianna had always led a simple and unassuming life. She worked tirelessly to make ends meet, paying her bills and cherishing the little joys that came her way. Her days were filled with quiet routines, and she had long accepted that life wouldn’t be filled with extravagance or luxury. However, all that was about to change when she met the enigmatic and arrogant billionaire, Nathan Wolfe.

It had been an ordinary evening when Rhianna’s life took an unexpected turn. She had attended a charity event at a lavish hotel, invited by a friend who insisted she deserved a night of indulgence. The event was hosted by none other than Nathan Wolfe, a man known for his wealth and ruthless business acumen. Rhianna had heard stories of his cutthroat nature and his penchant for acquiring anything he desired.

As the evening progressed, Rhianna found herself drawn to Nathan, despite his reputation. He possessed an undeniable charisma that captivated her, and she couldn’t help but be intrigued by his confidence. They engaged in a conversation that lasted for hours, discussing everything from dreams to the mundane aspects of life. Nathan’s arrogance was apparent, but there was something about him that pulled her in.

The night seemed magical, and before she knew it, Rhianna had allowed herself to be swept off her feet. Nathan, although arrogant, had a dashing charm that was impossible to resist. As the event concluded, he extended an invitation to her, asking her to accompany him to his penthouse. Rhianna hesitated, torn between her simple life and the allure of this new adventure. In the end, curiosity got the better of her, and she accepted his offer.

When she woke up the next morning, Rhianna found herself lying on a luxurious bed in a room that spoke of opulence. Her head was clouded with the remnants of a night filled with passion and desire. Panic surged through her as the realization of what had transpired slowly came into focus. She bolted upright, and her eyes met the sight of Nathan Wolfe standing at the bedroom door, a sly grin on his face.

Defiance welled up within her, and she shouted, “What have you done? How dare you bring me here without my consent?”

Nathan, unfazed by her outburst, approached with an air of arrogance that sent shivers down her spine. He whispered in her ear, his lips brushing against her skin as he bit her earlobe. “Your father owes me a hundred thousand bucks, and you are here to pay me until the last cent.” He smiled wickedly, his eyes locked onto hers, a predatory gleam dancing within them.

Rhianna’s heart sank as she processed his words. Her father, struggling with debts, had apparently turned to Nathan Wolfe for help, and now, she was entangled in this web of financial obligation. Her simple life had been thrown into turmoil in the span of one night.

“Please, there must be another way,” she implored, her voice trembling with a mixture of fear and desperation.

Nathan Wolfe remained unmoved, his hold on her tightening. “You can settle your father’s debt in full, or you can become my indentured servant until every last penny is repaid. The choice is yours.”

As Rhianna stared into the eyes of the billionaire who had upended her life, she realized that there was no escape from this twisted bargain. Her journey from simplicity to the intricate world of a billionaire’s desires had just begun, and she would have to navigate it with all the strength and determination she could muster.


Novel Details : Trapped in a Ruthless Heart

TittleTrapped in a Ruthless Heart
Autumn Rodriguez
GenreBillionaire, Comedy, Humor
Rating 5./54.1

How to Read Novel Trapped in a Ruthless Heart Full Episode

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