How to Read Novel The Alpha’s Curse The Enemy Within Full Episode

Warning! Mature Contents! ***Excerpt*** “You belong to me, Sheila. I alone am capable of making you feel this way. Your moans and body belong to me. Your soul and your body are all mine!” *** Alpha Killian Reid, the most dreaded Alpha in all of the North, wealthy, powerful and widely feared in the supernatural […]

How to Read Novel Mated To The Lycan King Full Episode

Ava Goldington lost her parents in a brutal accident that happened right in front of her eyes. With an unstable werewolf form and a burning desire to know the truth, she falls into a series of trap that brings her one step closer to deaths door. Horland Green, handsome to the brim with a beautiful […]

How to Read Novel Her Possesive Alpha Full Episode

“Her Possessive Alpha” is a thrilling paranormal romance novel that delves into the complex relationship between a strong-willed human woman and a possessive alpha werewolf. This story explores themes of love, trust, and the supernatural, taking readers on a captivating journey filled with passion, danger, and self-discovery. The novel centers around the character of Elara, […]

How to Read Novel Rejection on The Full Moon Full Episode

Amberle Crest had always been an outcast among the wolves of her age. An event beyond her control had marked her as different, a stigma that drew disdain and contempt from the very pack she was born into. When her mate, the one who was supposed to be her sanctuary, rejected her on her eighteenth […]

How to Read Novel The Tyrant Alpha’s Rejected Mate Full Episode

He rejected me, and then he realized I’m the center of his world. Bummer. Una I keep my head down. In this backwards pack, females rank low, and my bad leg makes me damaged goods. It doesn’t help that I’ve never shifted. I don’t mind the late twenties single life, though. No one’s paying any […]