Shounen Ai

How to Read Novel A Certain Someone Full Episode

Sheng Wang moved into his ancestral home at White Horse Lane, along with the woman that his father was presently seeing. His dad pointed at that woman’s son and said to him: Call him ge (older brother). Unyielding, amenable to coaxing but not coercion cold generator Gong x Regards himself as something precious lazy young […]

How to Read Novel Non-Human Sub-district Office Full Episode

Lin Mu rescued a Samoyed. Capable of eating, smiling, has a high IQ. Picks up anything you teach him quickly, a good helper around the house. The only thing was that he doesn’t bark nor wag his tail. Lin Mu took a ham sausage and coaxed for the thousandth time, “wag your tail, and this […]

How to Read Novel Mr. Dior Full Episode

One day, Zhang Chenfei met a car accident. Fortunately, he didn’t suffer any serious physical injuries. However, due to the impact of the car crash, his brain’s perception of the real world had turned into that of the novel that he was reading prior to the accident. The thing that horrified his wife, Jiao Qi, […]

How to Read Novel Lord Seventh Full Episode

“Waking up again in his seventh reincarnation, Prince Jing Beiyuan found himself back in time, when everything had yet to be set in motion. Having been given a second chance, Beiyuan has to survive court and decide whether it was finally time for him to let go of his feelings or not, all while trying […]

How to Read Novel Silent Reading Full Episode

Childhood, upbringing, family background, social relations, traumatic experiences… We keep reviewing and seeking out the motives of criminals, exploring the subtlest emotions driving them. It’s not to put ourselves in their shoes and sympathize, or even forgive them; it’s not to find some reasons to exculpate their crimes; it’s not to kneel down before the […]

How to Read Novel Little Mushroom Full Episode

Little Mushroom – “Until the day humanity falls.” In the year 2020, Earth’s magnetic poles disappeared and humankind was nearly wiped out by cosmic radiation. Within the span of a hundred years, living creatures began to mutate and devour each other while the remaining humans, numbering in the tens of thousands, struggled bitterly in their […]

How to Read Novel The Northern Grand Duke’s Hamster Full Episode

After getting into an accident, I reincarnated into a novel that I stopped reading. — Squeak! (What the?!) I became a hamster who never appeared in the novel. [Current Miracle Value 1%] [Raise the Miracle Value. It’ll save you from death!]They gave me, who possessed a small hamster, a quest to bring ‘miracles’ to this […]

How to Read Novel Liu Yao: The Revitalization of Fuyao Sect Full Episode

A cultivation story about how a declining sect is restored by a narcissist, troublemaker, meanie, idiot, and wimpy kid. In the mystical world of Xiulian, where sects and clans vied for power and supremacy, there existed a once-proud sect known as the Celestial Harmony Sect. However, over the years, it had fallen into decline due […]

How to Read Novel I Became a God in a Horror Game Full Episode

Bai Liu’s life took a drastic turn after he lost his job. Instead of succumbing to despair, he found himself drawn into an unusual and horrifying live streaming game, where monsters roamed freely, and other players were driven by deadly intentions. This game was not like anything he had ever experienced before. At first, the […]