How to Read Novel The Secret Mate Full Episode

In the dimly lit chamber of the opulent palace, a tension hung heavy in the air, a storm brewing between two beings intertwined by fate. The words echoed, the plea for freedom colliding with the arrogance of one who believed himself to be the ruler of it all. She, the captive, and he, the Alpha […]

How to Read Novel The Rejected Mate Full Episode

Serenity Martins had always been known for her shyness, kindness, and quiet demeanor. She was the type of person who preferred to blend into the background, going unnoticed by most. Her existence was like a whisper in the wind, almost invisible to those around her. Her world was simple, and she was content living in […]

How to Read Novel The Rogue Luna’s Blood Full Episode

In the moonlit world of werewolves, where packs and territories ruled, Raelynn’s life took an unexpected turn. She had been a rogue for as long as she could remember, her only solace the love and care provided by her adoptive parents. But one fateful night, their trespass into the Night Shade pack’s territory led to […]

How to Read Novel Unscentable Full Episode

Piper rejected her Mate at 21, as he could not scent her, did not know who she was. Unable to handle the pains of betrayal anymore, she moves away to live her life as a human, her wolf Harper no longer able to shift to her wolf form, to weakened by their life inside the […]

How to Read Novel The King’s Mate Full Episode

In a world where the moon’s ominous glow dictated the fate of humanity, the werewolves had reigned unchallenged for a decade. Their dominance had pushed the human race to the brink of extinction. The survivors were either reduced to the life of slaves or forced to toil as workers under the tyrannical rule of their […]

How to Read Novel The Alpha’s Curse The Enemy Within Full Episode

Warning! Mature Contents! ***Excerpt*** “You belong to me, Sheila. I alone am capable of making you feel this way. Your moans and body belong to me. Your soul and your body are all mine!” *** Alpha Killian Reid, the most dreaded Alpha in all of the North, wealthy, powerful and widely feared in the supernatural […]

How to Read Novel Rejected Protector Full Episode

This is not your typical rejection story. Seleste and Trevor were friends since birth. Trevor is the future alpha and Seleste is the future gamma and also the goddess’ chosen Protector of all supernaturals. Things take a turn for the worst when Trevor challenges Seleste to a training sparing match and lose. Trevor vows to […]

How to Read Novel The Alpha King And His Wolfless Luna Full Episode

With his height towering over her, he took gentle strands around her like a predator caging in his prey. “I’m sorry,” Ashley mumbled from her frightened and confused mind. Her heart raced in her chest, and she couldn’t understand what was happening. The man before her exuded a powerful and intimidating presence. “What are you […]

How to Read Novel Alpha’s Last Minute Bride Full Episode

Evangeline was blackmailed to marry a ruthless Alpha in replacement of her sister. Anything she hated in her life was the werewolves. She had seen her father leaving her mother for another she-wolf. Why? Because her mother was a human and so is she!! Well, this was what everyone thought, including her. Though her father […]

How to Read Novel Chained to The Alpha King Full Episode

In the dimly lit, ominous room, Athena’s world had crumbled. The man who had once been her confidant and protector, Damon, had turned into a nightmarish stranger. Fear coursed through her veins, eclipsing the vibrant spirit she had once possessed. Damon’s chilling brown eyes bore into her soul as he chained her ankle to an […]